RealWear HMT-1®

Firmware Release 11.2 Release Notes


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1. Release Overview

This Release Notes document is for the RealWear HMT-1 firmware release 11.2, a security patch release with additional feature updates. The release is only applicable to the HMT-1 standard model.

1.1 Deliverables

Delivery Data
Company RealWear Inc.
Model Number HMT-1 (T1100G)
Firmware Version 11.2
Build File Name

2. Release Notes

Release notes are only a summary of what’s new in this release. For more detailed information on using the features, consult the comprehensive documentation in RealWear’s Knowledge Center linked below in each section of the release notes.

2.1 My Controls Grid View 

User can switch from Scroll View to Grid View under My Controls:

Relevant Knowledge Center Pages:

2.2 Wi-Fi Band Control

Custom settings Under Network & Internet Settings for user to choose Wi-Fi band “WiFi Band Preference”

  1. Auto will be enabled by default
  2. User can choose based on their need
  3. If 5Ghz Wi-Fi is selected: Then HMT will scan Access points which are transmitting on 5Ghz only and can connect to only those access points
  4. If 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi is selected: Then HMT will scan Access points which are transmitting on 2.4Ghz only and can connect to only those access points

Sample configuration file:

Use the examples below if the user must sideload WiFi preferences or use Foresight (or other EMM) to configure WiFi preferences.

Auto Connect

"wifi": {
"band": "auto" }

2.4 GHz

"wifi": {
"band": "2.4G" }


"wifi": {
"band": "5G" }

The configuration file should be placed at the file path: \HMT-1\Internal shared storage\realwear\com.realwear.wearhf\config\wifi.json.

Relevant Knowledge Center Pages:

2.3 Lock Screen for PIN Entry

Each time Lock Screen is launched, the user will see a dial pad with numbers (0-9) mapped to letters in phonetic alphabet.

Relevant Knowledge Center Pages:

2.5 Tetrominos application

Tetrominos is a Tetris-like game which helps users get familiar with RealWear’s voice and head gesture driven user interface.

Relevant Knowledge Center Pages:

2.5 Additional Language Support

Full language support for Traditional Chinese can be selected from the language selection screen:

Relevant Knowledge Center Pages:

2.6 Android Security Updates

  • Security updates released through the end of July 2020 are incorporated into this release.  See the full list of updates in the appendix of these release notes.

2.7 Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync is a new application that allows customers to easily authenticate cloud storage drives like Microsoft OneDrive in order to upload tagged photos and videos captured in My Camera and browse cloud drives in My Files.

Cloud Sync provides the following features to HMT users and administrators:

  • Improving on the experience from Release 11.1, customer IT admins no longer have to find, install and deploy the OneDrive application to their RealWear devices separately. Once installed, the authentication experience for end users has been further simplified by allowing users to login with a simple code that can be easily entered in any browser on a non RealWear device.
  • After authentication, photos, which may be tagged, and videos captured from My Camera are quickly uploaded to the OneDrive cloud without needing to side load them off a RealWear device using a USB cable. The upload location can also be configured by IT admins so that a fleet of RealWear devices can upload content to a single preferred cloud location

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2.8 Rename Bluetooth Master & Slave

“Bluetooth Master and Slave” have been replaced with “Primary and Secondary”. RealWear has made these changes in English only absent an updated standard set by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and will monitor this situation moving forward for changes that can be made in future firmware versions.

Related Knowledge Center Pages:

2.9 Remove Scroll Option

  • Removed option to enable Scroll option

2.10 Bug Fixes

Indonesian Language – Text Displayed in English in Lock screen
[MS Teams] Call audio is not heard as soon call is connected (observed when Noise is more than 86dB)
[Oculavis Share] User Voice on Call is not audible clearly as soon as the call is accepted (happens when noise is at 90dB only)
[MS Teams] Background noise is heard after disabling Noise capture during call. (observed when Noise is more than 86dB
Annotation Application not translated
Secure keyboard doesn’t open for html password fields in a WebView
Adding a null global command via intent crashes WearHF
Based on feedback from many large customers, it has become a priority to improve the current PIN Lock screen Experience
German voice command fixes in Tagging Service
[PIN Screen] As a user, I am unable to issue a voice command to unlock the device if device goes to sleep when keyboard is in Foreground
Head tracking is sometimes failing
[Indonesian] Low battery popup and TTS doesn’t appear at 5% battery in Indonesian Language
[Tagging Service] “tagset.json download failed” toast message is shown when SD card is set as storage mode.
[Language-KO] Incorrect Translation of Some Commands

2.11 Known Limitations

[Zoom] When we enable noise capture during call, no noise is heard
[Expert on Demand] Noise cancellation is not working when the call is initiated
Onsight Application – When we enable noise capture during call, there is no difference in the noise heard
Ubimax Frontline] Audio remains choppy when device is moved from low coverage area to good coverage area

2.12  Known Issues 

As a user, it’s confusing to see My Drives on the My Files homes screen and “My Drive” in my OneDrive folder
As a user, OneDrive files that are recently opened in My Files are not showing up in the recent folder
As a user, when I try to open a large file from My Files, I am given a black screen for several minutes before My Files crashes
Navigate back doesn’t work when loading video/audio files
Head tracking is sometimes failing
[Keyboard] Delay in response for few voice commands in Keyboard more options
Bluetooth icon is shown as turned off in Home screen even after connecting to BT device

3 Software Update and Availability Method

  • The upgrade process for Release 11.1 is a simple one step upgrade process that retains your data which takes about five minutes.
  • To receive the over the air update, HMT-1 users must have version 11.1.0-10-C.HMT-1.G installed.
  • To receive the over the air update, HMT-1Z1 users must have version 11.1.1-10-C.HMT-1Z1.S installed.

Note: Starting with Release 11.1, firmware upgrades will be made available to all device serial numbers by default.

Appendix 1: Software version format

  • In future maintenance releases, only the minor value will be incremented
  • Build information represents the value for every incremental releases during the development cycle

Android Security Updates

Security updates released through the end of February 2020 have been incorporated into this release.