Wireless Update

Before Beginning

  • Ensure the HMT-1 is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Do not move out of the Wi-Fi network range while the download is in progress.
  • Ensure the HMT-1’s battery is charged to at least 30% (50% recommended).
  • If the HMT-1 device is connected to a computer, disconnect before updating.

All applications and user data will be preserved through the update process. However, whenever updating firmware we always suggest backing up your personal files including photos, images, and documents before proceeding.

Previous OS Versions

If your HMT is currently on an operating system version below 11.0.x (e.g. 10.5, 9, 8.09, 7.0x, etc.), you must upgrade through the next highest version or versions of software before you will be able to upgrade to the current version. When performing these upgrades, it is critical that you back up all user-generated data on your HMT device — upgrading from Release 10.5.0 to 11.0 will erase all data on the HMT.

For more information on the upgrade path for the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1, please see our Firmware Update and Support Policy.

Note: Screenshots in this article reflect the current upgrade process, and may vary depending on your current OS version.

Upgrade Process

Power on your HMT, and ensure you are connected to a wireless network.

  1. From the home screen, say “MY PROGRAMS”:wireless-update-01
  2. Say “WIRELESS UPDATE”:wireless-update-02
  3. If a new firmware version is available for your HMT, the version will appear here. To download this version, say “DOWNLOAD”:
  4. The download process will begin. If you need to pause or cancel the download, say “PAUSE” or “CANCEL”. Pausing the download will allow you to restart the download at a later point. Canceling the download will require you to start the process again.wireless-update-04
  5. Once the download is complete, you may install it now, or install it later. To begin the installation, say “INSTALL NOW”:wireless-update-05
  6. IMPORTANT: Ensure that your HMT has at least 30% charge (50% is recommended) before continuing with the installation. Once you have confirmed you have sufficient battery charge, say “OK”:wireless-update-06
  7. The installation process will begin:wireless-update-07
  8. The HMT will restart:wireless-update-09
  9. OPTIONAL: Once your HMT has updated, you can check the firmware and OS version from the home screen by saying “MY PROGRAMS”:wireless-update-01
  10. Say “SETTINGS”:wireless-update-02
  11. Say “PAGE DOWN” until you see About Device, then say “ABOUT DEVICE”:wireless-update-12
  12. The new firmware and operating system versions will appear on this page:wireless-update-13wireless-update-14