HMT Software Overview


Tetrominos is now included on HMT-1 starting with Release 11.2, please see Release Notes for more information.



Tetrominos is a simple training application that provides an introduction to voice commands and gesture control on HMT-1. Tetrominos is a simple game that uses speech and motion input to stack blocks and rack up a high score, all while becoming more familiar with your HMT’s controls.

User Experience

Start Menu


Placing Pieces

Voice Command  Action 
“TURN LEFT” Rotates the falling piece to the left.
“TURN RIGHT” Rotates the falling piece to the right.
“DROP DOWN” Drops the falling piece into place.
“PAUSE” / “RESUME” Pauses and resumes gameplay.
“CENTER” Centers head tracking.
“START OVER” Ends game and restarts.
“VIEW SCORES” Pauses game and displays list of scores from game history.
“SETTINGS” Opens settings game settings.