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Configure – My Controls


This article has been updated to reflect software changes implemented in Release 11.2. For instructions on updating your device, please see Wireless Update. For more information on Release 11.2, please see Release Notes.

Configuration (Basic)

We've made it easy to configure the controls available to headset users in the 'My Controls' App.
Use our Web GUI to add and remove the control options, click save and these will be sent to the device.

Configuration (Advanced)

Config File:


Format and Options

This configuration option specifies which controls should appear in My Controls using one of two modes: “Allowlist Mode” (i.e. an inclusive list) or “Blocklist Mode” (i.e. an exclusive list). This is determined by the ‘inclusive’ variable, and as it can only be true or false you cannot both use allowlist AND blocklist controls at the same time.

Note: the HMT may require a reboot to display your changes correctly in My Controls.

inclusive: a boolean variable, which is true to indicate “Allowlist Mode” and false to indicate “Blocklist Mode”

packages: a list of IDs representing each available control (please refer to the table below)

Control Name
1 Wireless Network wireless_network
2 Volume volume
3 Power Options power_options
4 My Programs my_programs
5 Mouse mouse
6 More Settings more_settings
7 Microphone microphone
8 Help Command help_command
9 Flashlight flashlight
10 Dictation dictation
11 Color Mode color_mode
12 Brightness brightness
13 Bluetooth bluetooth
14 Auto-Rotate auto_rotate
15 Action Button action_button

Example json file:

"inclusive": true,
"list": [