RealWear Connect

RealWear Connect - Headset User - Zoom App

This guide introduces you to RealWear Connect as a Headset user using the Zoom App Configuration


  • RealWear Connect - V23.2.1
  • Zoom App or above (From RealWear App catalogue)
  • Firmware - Latest


  1. Put your headset on and say 
    My Programs> RealWear Connect
  2. Find the email sent by your RealWear Connect admin with the QR Code.
    Inside RealWear Connect on your headset Say 'QR Code'. This will initiate the scanner, now scan the QR Code (NB If the code has expired you may need to contact your admin to get another)
  3. Once logged in you will see the groups which have been set up by your administrator.
    Simply say the name of the call group to initiate the call group
  4. Say Start New Request
  5. If this is the first time you are using RealWearConnect you may see the Android 'open with..' box, ensure you choose Zoom

    1. The RealWear Connect Headset app will automatically open Zoom and drop you into the preconfigured room. RealWear Connect will send a text message and an email to all members of the group.
    1. To end the call say 'Leave Meeting'
    2. Navigate back to RealWear Connect
    3. Say Resolve Request.
  6. Follow the Guide here for managing RealWear Connect Users
    Follow the Guide here for managing RealWear Connect Groups and Regions
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