RealWear Connect

RealWear Connect - Managing Users

From the manage users screen you can onboard, remove and enroll RealWear Connect Headset users. These are the users who will be using RealWear Connect to call the groups.

Users can be allocated to a region, you can see last connection times as well as resending the QR codes for users who do not yet have an enrolled device

Available Roles

Super Admin: Can create and edit users as well as change the RealWear Connect App Settings such as MS TEAMS / ZOOM, and create and edit Call Groups

Admin: Can Request Remote assistance and view all reporting for RealWear Connect.

Operator: Is for a headset user, and is only able to make support requests.


  • Onboard: Adding a new user to RealWear Connect
  • Region: Specified regional group or Global
  • Last Connected: Last time the app was used.
  • Enrolment: Sending a QR code to a user to enrol their device.

As an admin when you login to RealWear Connect on the web you will be greeted with a user screen

To onboard a new user Click 'Add User'

Complete the form and select Save. All headset users should be added as a RealWear User

You can now send the enrolment QR code to your newly created user or choose to send it later.

Enrolling Users

Choose enrolment options on the selected user

You can choose to show the enrolment QR code now to onboard a headset in front of you or send the QR code over email. Remember QR codes do expire after a limited amount of time. So, ensure the user is ready for the enrolment process before sending the email

Removing Users

Click the red delete trashcan icon and confirm your deletion

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