RealWear HMT-1®

Firmware Release 12.1 Release Notes


Go here for more information on updating your device firmware.


Release versioning and naming details can be found in the table below:

Release Version


HMT-1 Version Name


Release 12.1

12.1.0 or 12.1.2

The full firmware version of the device is always available in My Programs > About Device.

Release Highlights

  • Native HTML Support – Developers now have the ability to speech optimize web applications for WearHF.
  • Security – Android security patches from February 1 – April 30, 2021 have been integrated into the RealWear device firmware.
  • Bug Fixes – As with any release, bug fixes and minor enhancements are incorporated.

Native HTML Support


As a HTML developer you can now use the native WearML API in order to optimize your Website or Web Application.

This new feature now gives the ability to add WearML descriptors to HTML code. Traditionally optimizing HTML for the HMT had involved using a JavaScript library or plugin’s for Cordova/similar frameworks, by injecting JavaScript into a WebView. HTML Developers can use the HTML attributes placeholder and title for input HTML tags to create voice commands and/or WearML descriptors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the existing WearML Javascript Engine still be supported?

A: No RealWear’s WearML JavaScript engine will no longer be supported. Any new API’s developed for WearML will only be supported through this HTML API.

Q: Where can I find more information about this API?

A: For specific documentation on the WearML API please refer to the Android API page as this HTML implementation is intended to emulate the native Android WearML support.

Q: Why has RealWear chosen HTML over JavaScript attributes?

A: RealWear strives to provide a consistently great developer experience regardless of the development framework chosen by our ecosystem. Adding native support to HTML accomplishes this goal while providing enhanced control within the HTML framework.

Q: Why was the ‘title’ attribute used?

A: Given that the title attribute in HTML and content description in native Android both are important for communicating to accessibility services, RealWear made the decision to use the title attribute for supplying the WearML descriptors to WearHF.


RealWear continually enhances the security of its devices through updates in each firmware release.

The most visible is via periodic security patch updates for the Android operating system. Each month’s Android patch set is closely analyzed by RealWear and incorporated into the code base as appropriate. (Not all patches are included as they are not relevant. For example, some patches are for different chipsets than what is used in the HMT-1 or are for mobile phones only.)

Android security patches from February 1 – April 30, 2021 have been integrated into the RealWear device firmware.

Bug Fixes

The specific bugs that have been fixed will be provided in the release notes when available. The fixes are not only to the operating system, but also to the RealWear native applications that are shipped with the operating system. Several have been incorporated directly, in response to issues discovered by the ISV partner community.

Firmware Availability and Dates


Date: HMT-1 

Firmware Notice

May 28, 2021

Firmware Beta Early Access Begins

May 28, 2021

Firmware General Availability

Jul 12, 2021

Note: Dates are approximate and subject to change

Participating in Early Access

This release was made available for Beta Early Access beginning as outlined in the above table. To be added to the Allow List for Firmware Early Access (on no more than three devices), fill out the form here. After completing the form you will can upgrade via a Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) upgrade within one business day. If you do not receive access after than, email

IMPORTANT: Please ensure your RealWear device(s) have the below firmware versions installed and logging is activated.


RealWear Device

Firmware Version


Either of:

  • 12.0.0-12-C.HMT-1.G
  • 12.0.2-xx-C.HMT-1.G

If you experience an unexpected result during the upgrade process, the device’s log files will detail the status of the device software and actions needed to complete the install process. Here is a guide to ensure your success during the update process.

Follow the update documentation outlined.

Providing Feedback

As always, provide complete information when contacting support to expedite the resolution process. Initiate the feedback via email with “” in the “To” and your dedicated RealWear contact(s) + James Gordey ( on “Cc”.

Items to include:

  • Your contact information (Email & Phone Number)
  • HMT device serial number
  • ISV software & version
  • Actual behavior
  • Expected behavior
  • Steps to reproduce the behavior
  • Helpful images & device screenshots
  • Short videos
  • Log file(s) (You can capture this via RealWear Explorer,
    • Note: For best results enter the below adb command which provides much better information to our support and Engineering team than simple logcat adb bugreport E:\Reports\MyBugReports

RealWear encourages all product feedback. Send non-bug-related product feedback via our Product Ideas portal.

Upgrading at or after General Availability

By default, the firmware will be available to all devices upon General Availability. When ready, the Release general availability will be announced across all RealWear communication channels. For specific details on how to upgrade and RealWear’s Firmware Availability Policy visit the Knowledge Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: According to RealWear’s Firmware update and support policy which releases will be supported once Release 12.1 is generally available?

As outlined in the firmware policy, effective Jan 1, 2021 RealWear’s firmware support is for “N-2” releases meaning that only Releases 12, 11.2 and 11.1 are supported. Once Release 12.1 is generally available, only Releases 12.1, 12 and 11.2 will be supported.

Links and Resources

  • Prior to General Availability, all RealWear Solution Engineering and Support Teams globally will be versed on the technical details of Release 12.1. Contact your solutions engineer for support or reach out directly through the general support email,
  • Upon product General Availability, User Guide updates and release notes are published to the RealWear Knowledge Center. The Release Notes will include step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade any device.