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Why can a QR code be insecure?

You shouldn't place sensitive information into a QR code due to the insecure (plaintext) nature of a QR code.

A QR code is two-dimensional barcode that can store a wide range of information, from URLs to text. RealWear uses QR codes to add network details to a device and also input text. QR codes are useful when it's easier to scan a code than it is to use the keyboard to enter the code.

QR codes do not inherently contain any encryption. This means that the information they carry is in plain text and can be easily decoded by anyone with access to the QR code. Since QR codes are easily scannable, they can be a target for unauthorised scanning, leading to data breaches, for instance, a QR code left lying around containing a sign in password can be read by a multitude of devices.

To enhance and secure your text entry experience with RealWear Headset, the RealWear One app offers a Remote Keyboard. To use this feature you must sign into the app and pair with your device. The remote keyboard offers end-to-end encrypted text entry between your mobile phone and your headset, ensuring that the information remains secure during transmission and is only accessible to the RealWear Headset.

You should only use QR codes for non-sensitive information and always check who it is visible to.

We strongly recommend for using the Remote Keyboard in the RealWear One app for any confidential data entry due to the encryption standards we use.

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