Frequently Asked Questions - RealWear Navigator™ 520

General and Technical FAQs for the RealWear Navigator™ 520 device

Q: What are the key features of RealWear Navigator™ 500 Series?

A: All devices in RealWear Navigator 500 Series offer the following key benefits:

·       Full-Shift, Hands-Free Use Work comfortably all day with a full-shift battery. Keep your hands free and your vision unobstructed for maximum safety.

·       Revolutionary Modular Design Expand your functionality and tackle even more issues using accessories such as our Thermal Camera Module.

·       Enhanced Remote Collaboration Harness the power of over 200 voice-optimized apps to improve productivity, save travel costs, and reduce equipment downtime.

·       Secure and Seamless Get your devices deployed easily and managed securely with the support of RealWear Cloud and MDMs such as Microsoft Intune.

Q: How is RealWear Navigator 500 different than the new RealWear Navigator 520? How is it similar?

 A: The primary difference between the 500 and 520 is the display. RealWear Navigator 520 offers a bigger, sharper, and bolder display, offering a 20% larger screen featuring 2x the resolution of the Navigator 500. It offers the same great modular design of RealWear Navigator 500 as well as the hands-free experience, only with an enhanced viewing experience.

Q: What apps does RealWear Navigator 520 work with when it is shipped? Will there be any change to my current processes?

 A: With the shift to a higher resolution display, some apps will need to be optimized for the best user experience. This will be an ongoing process, with the first wave of optimizations occurring for native applications at launch. 

Q: Can I upgrade RealWear Navigator 500 to the HyperDisplay? Can I upgrade HMT-1 to HyperDisplay?

A: Current owners of RealWear Navigator 500 may upgrade to the new HyperDisplay. For more information on how to upgrade, please contact your preferred local reseller.

The HMT-1 device cannot be upgraded to the Navigator series or the HyperDisplay.

Q: How is RealWear Navigator 500 series external battery pack different from the HMT-1?

A: RealWear Navigator 500 series has an external battery pack that can be hot swapped to another battery without needing to power down the device.  The HMT-1 has an internal battery cell that requires the device to powered down prior to removal.

Q: What connectivity options are available for RealWear Navigator 500 series?

A: Your device comes with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity built-in. In addition, you can expand your options with modules such as a 4G LTE mini modem.

Q: I currently have an HMT-1 device. If I upgrade to RealWear Navigator 500 series, how can I transfer my data?

A: Applications can be transferred using RealWear Cloud. For documents, photos, and video, you can save them to an SD card on an HMT-1. Then, transfer the SD card to the RealWear Navigator™ 500 series device. Your files should be accessible on your new device.

Q: What languages and dialects does RealWear Navigator 500 series support?

A: You can find an updated list of supported languages here: Languages Supported

Q: Do the same accessories work for RealWear Navigator 500 and 520?

A: Yes, all current accessories that are compatible with RealWear Navigator 500 will also be compatible with RealWear Navigator 520.