RealWear Cloud

What languages are supported on RealWear Devices?

All RealWear Devices are multi-lingual, some languages come preinstalled on the device, whilst others have to be enabled through RealWear Cloud.

First off, if you want to limit your devices to only a few languages you can use our language selection tool in RealWear Cloud. This can add or remove languages from the devices or allow a smaller selection set to simplify for users.

RealWear Devices can support over 20 languages / dialects.

Language or Dialect Cloud Dictation Local Dictation HMT FW Navigator FW
Cantonese YES NO HMT-v12.2 Nav-v1.03
Czech YES No HMT-v12.2  Nav-v1.03
Danish YES NO Not Supported Nav-v1.3
Dutch YES NO HMT-v12.0 Nav-v1.03
English (Aus) YES NO HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
English (GB) YES NO HMT-v9.05  Nav-v1.03
English (India) YES NO HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
English (USA) YES YES HMT-v9.05  Nav-v1.03
French YES NO HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
German YES YES HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
Indonesian YES NO HMT-v.11.1  Nav-v1.03
Italian YES NO HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
Japanese YES NO HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
Korean YES NO HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
Mandarin Chinese YES YES HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
Norwegian YES NO Not Supported Nav-v1.3
Polish YES NO HMT-v10 Nav-v1.03
Portuguese YES NO HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
Russian YES NO HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
Spanish (Mexico) YES NO HMT-v9.05 Nav-v1.03
Thai YES NO HMT-v10 Nav-v1.03
Traditional Chinese YES NO HMT-v.11.2  Nav-v1.03
Turkish YES NO Not supported Nav-v1.4

Note that only English, German and Mandarin Chinese offline (local) dictation is possible with RealWear’s voice technology.