RealWear Navigator™ 500/520

RealWear Navigator™ 500 / 520 Firmware Release 1.6

This document provides public notice for RealWear Navigator® 500 series firmware release. This update will provide the latest security patches, additional features, further device support, and bug fixes.


RealWear Firmware Release 1.6 for RealWear Navigator 500 Series devices. 

The update includes both bug fixes and enhancements.  This is a one-step upgrade process from our previous release that retains your data. 

Early Access: August 17, 2023

GA: September 20, 2023

Note: Release notes are only a summary of what’s new in this release.


Delivery Data

Item Description
Company Realwear Inc
Model Number

RealWear Navigator 500 ™ (T21G)

RealWear Navigator 520 ™ (T21G)

Firmware version 1.6
Software Version 1.6.3-50-C.NAV5XX.G

Flashlight as a Global Command

Enabled 'Flashlight on' and Flashlight off' as a global command.

Note: Flashlight can still be found in My Controls

Network Connectivity

  • Added the option to 'Do not validate' certificate when connecting to legacy networks via PEAP.
  • Fixed an issue with retaining certificates when switching from random to device MAC address

Configuration QR Code Scan

Added support for future RealWear features.

Language Fixes

  • Multiple Language translation fixes

  • Added translations to notifications command bar

Other Bug Fixes

  • Dictation setting now saved after reboot
  • Cloud Dictation: Fixed an issue where dictation intermittently fails to work
  • Keyboard Dictation: added a space if keyboard detects previously entered text 
  • Fixed an issue where the device would not turn on in sub zero temperatures.

  • Voice Commands: Fixed an issue where voice commands would stop working after using Dictation in some applications
  • My Controls: Wired Microphone toggle now actively shows its current on or off state
  • Webapp: fixed an issue with saving bookmarks

RealWear Cloud

Updated Certificates in Device Agent to allow communication to updated TLS Security Protocol for RealWear's Azure services.  More Information here

RealWear One app support

Support for RealWear One added to the firmware 1.6, which includes support for device connectivity, network set up, and video collaboration.

Android Security Updates

Security updates released through the end of July 2023 have been incorporated into this release.

*Dates subject to change