RealWear Device Metrics

What are RealWear Device Metrics?

RealWear Cloud Pro provides customers the opportunity to analyze device utilization metrics through a device agent. For the agent to reflect device usage it must regularly sync with the RealWear Cloud platform.  

Device metrics are the metrics we show in the Reporting Dashboard inside RealWear Cloud.

These are uploaded from your Device to RealWear Cloud. The metrics uploaded are:

Usage of apps (in hours) – this is the total time an app has been used for in a given period.

Device Connected count of number of devices that have connected within a given period


How often are my metrics sent to RealWear Cloud?

Device metrics are measured in 24 hour ‘chunks’ that are then uploaded to RealWear.

The cut off for a 24 hour ‘chunk’ is midnight local time of the device.

The metrics are then sent on the next day or the next time a device is turned on.

This time offset has been established to minimize network utilization while still providing accurate utilization metrics.


For example...

If a device is used on Monday, the cut off for this usage data is 11:59 PM on Monday night.

The data will then upload to the RealWear Cloud when the device is turned on the following day (Tuesday).

Monday's data will be analyzed in RealWear Cloud 4 times a day and then updated to the Reporting Dashboard for Cloud Administrators to view.


I don’t see any recent device data in RealWear Cloud. Why not?

As it takes 24-36 hours for data to realize in RealWear Cloud, we advise you to try again later. Please ensure the Device is turned on the day after so data can be uploaded to RealWear Cloud.

Data is only transmitted the day after.


My device has been turned on and should have sent data to RealWear Cloud but it doesn’t show.

It can take up to 6 hours for the data to process in RealWear Cloud and show on the front end. Please keep checking back


I don’t see any data at all in RealWear Cloud across my device fleet.

Please ensure all devices are fully up to date; as of writing, this is 12.5 for HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 and 1.4 for Navigator-5XX series of devices.

Please ensure you are aware of our latest firewall guide here:

Finally, if you are sure all settings are correct and your devices are up to date, please power cycle your device and wait up to 6 hours for data to show in RealWear Cloud.