IP / Port / Url Allowlisting

By providing your IT team the following requirements for communication with your HMT device, you can ensure availability of the latest firmware and security patches via the Wireless Update application, third-party app updates via RealWear Foresight and Wireless Casting from the HMT to RealWear Explorer.

Here are the items that should be allowlisted for each respective tool or feature.

URLs/IP to enable Firmware Over-the-Air Updates via the “Wireless Update” application:

fota.realwear.com (
fotadl.realwear.com (
Ports 80 & 443

Enabling RealWear Explorer and RealWear Cast Applications:

RealWear Explorer for Windows must have permission to use your network. When you first connect your laptop to your network, Windows usually asks if it is public or private. Then when you run RealWear Explorer, Windows will ask if you want to allow it to use public/private networks.

1. The sockets use some ports which the network must allow for:

6789 – Used for “Device discovery”. When the RealWear Cast app is open on the HMT, it sends out its details (UDP) that RWE can use to establish connection.

6455 – TCP socket that is hosted on the HMT. Used to establish connection from the PC and send commands that control the HMT with mouse clicks and keyboard input. This port is also used for RealWear Cast (Ability to share HMT screen with RealWear Explorer on local WiFi network after connectivity has been established via USB)

See also: https://www.realwear.com/blog/realwear-explorer-4-0-announcement/

6721 – TCP socket that is hosted on the laptop. Used for sending JPG images from the HMT to the PC.

Enabling Communication with RealWear Foresight:

(As of April 2020)

All Communication with RealWear Foresight uses Port 443.

HMT Sync and Policy Management
cloud.realwear.com ->,

Net Range –


Net Range –

Foresight App Delivery

Net Range –


NTP server (2.android.pool.ntp.org)