IP Port Url Allowlisting

IP Port URL Allowlisting

Required Cloud Ports, Hosts, and IP Ranges

RealWear uses several cloud services, such as compute and storage, across multiple providers (AWS and Azure). RealWear also uses Cloudflare for its web infrastructure.

If your firewall has restrictions, make sure the following URLs, ports, and IP addresses are allowlisted to utilize our services.


 Any IP addresses / URLs contained in this document are subject to change. Refer to the IP ranges provided by our service providers for the most up-to-date information.


We would ask you add *.realwear.com to your firewall allow list as these addresses are subject to change, however below are the list of current addresses.







IP Addresses


  • 80 – Used for HTTP.
  • 443 – Used for HTTPS.
  • 5671, 1883, 853 - Additional ports for some corporate firewalls

The following ports are used by RealWear Explorer and RealWear Cast Applications:

Note:  RealWear Cast gives the ability to share the device display with RealWear Explorer on a local Wi-Fi network after connectivity has been established with a USB  cable.

  • 6789 – Used for device discovery.
    • When the RealWear Cast app is open on the device, it sends out its details (UDP) that RealWear Explorer can use to establish connection.
  • 6455 – TCP socket that is hosted on the device.
    • Used to establish connection from the PC and send commands that control the device with mouse clicks and keyboard input. This port is also used for RealWear Cast.
  • 6721 – TCP socket that is hosted on the laptop.
    • Used for sending JPEG images from the device to the PC.