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RealWear Cast on RealWear Explorer

This article provides an explanation of RealWear Cast, a feature of RealWear Explorer application.


As of October 18th 2023, RealWear Explorer is now deprecated. The software will continue to operate but will no longer be receiving any updates.

If you want to share your RealWear screen, we recommend switching to Vysor.

This page is no longer maintained.

RealWear Cast provides a faster way of mirroring the screen from your RealWear device and allows you to connect to your device wirelessly. 

The default RealWear Explorer connection is limited to 2 frames per second, which may be too slow for some users. RealWear Cast allows users to stream up to 30 frames per second, and can work wirelessly over Wi-Fi, or wired over USB.

Wireless Cast 

Wireless Cast allows you to cast your device wirelessly at a higher stream rate. You won’t need to worry about a cable or major casting lag.  

  1. Ensure the device and computer are on the same network.  
  2. Connect the device to RealWear Explorer using a USB cable to begin streaming over USB. 
  3. If streaming using RealWear Cast over USB begins automatically, select “Disconnect from Realwear”
  4. Select “Connect using RealWear Cast”, which will connect wirelessly rather than over USB. 
  5. Follow the instructions on the wizard to pair your device with RealWear Explorer. 
  6. Accept any prompts on the device to allow RealWear Explorer to capture the screen. 
  7. RealWear Cast will begin streaming wirelessly automatically. It is now safe to disconnect the USB cable without interrupting the stream. 

RealWear Explorer will also remember your paired device. When RealWear Explorer is not connected to any device, the last 5 paired devices will be listed. Select the device you would like to view and RealWear Explorer will begin streaming. 

RealWear Cast over USB

RealWear Cast can also be used with a USB cable to see a higher stream rate. 

  1. Connect the RealWear device to RealWear Explorer using a USB cable to begin streaming at 2 FPS.
  • If the latest RealWear Cast app is installed on your RealWear device faster streaming will begin automatically.
  • If RealWear Cast app is out of date RealWear Explorer will help you to update it. Once updated, faster streaming will start automatically.
  • If RealWear Cast isn’t installed RealWear Explorer will help you to install it. Once installed, faster streaming will start automatically.

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