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How to use RealWear Explorer

This article provides an overview of how to use the RealWear Explorer application, including key features and functionality.

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RealWear Explorer mirrors your device screen and allows you to view the applications on your desktop, cast your screen, and enables you to use the computer mouse and keyboard to drive the device interface from your desktop. RealWear Explorer also allows for easy APK installation and provides a host of useful tools and utilities

Getting Started

1. Download RealWear Explorer for Windows or Mac. The directions for downloading the application can be found here: RealWear Explorer Overview and Download.

2. Connect the RealWear device to a computer via the USB-C to USB cable. 

3. Launch RealWear Explorer on your computer. Once launched, RealWear Explorer appears in a single-window application. If the device is set up correctly and powered on, RealWear Explorer will display your RealWear device screen on your desktop.

4. Control the device with your mouse, access applications, and enter text using the keyboard. 

Explorer Capabilities

Device Control

  • Clicking on the screen allows you to control the device and navigate within the interface. For example, clicking on the MY PROGRAMS button has the same effect as speaking “MY PROGRAMS” into the headset.
  • You can scroll by clicking and dragging to your desired location.  
  • The computer keyboard can be used to type text into text fields on the device. This can be useful for entering login information or a large amount of text. 
  • Take screenshots of the device screen easily with the "SCREEN SHOT" button.

Developer Tools

There are additional tools specifically for Android application developers within RealWear Explorer. A few of these features are listed below. 

  • Install APKs onto a RealWear device by drag-and-dropping from the PC or Mac 
  • Quick access to ADB command line 
  • Easy access to RealWear device Logcat files 
More information about these tools can be found in the Developer section of the Knowledge Base: RealWear Explorer.

Menu Buttons

The menu buttons in RealWear Explorer allow you to easily navigate on the device without using voice commands. 

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 10.58.10 AM

NAVIGATE HOME: Pressing this button will cause the RealWear device to return to its home screen. Identical to speaking the “Navigate Home” voice command.

NAVIGATE BACK: Pressing this button will cause the RealWear device to go back one screen. Identical to speaking the “Navigate Back” voice command.

SETTINGS: This is a shortcut to launch the standard Android settings on the RealWear device.

SCREENSHOT: This option captures the current screen of the RealWear device connected to the computer.

RECENT APPS: Pressing this button will open the recent applications menu on the RealWear device, allowing you to switch between all the open applications.

  • Macintosh: Screen capture is taken and is saved to the desktop with a timestamp.
  • Windows: Screen capture taken and saved into the system clipboard which can be pasted into an image editor.

Developer Tools

The developer tools are more advanced buttons used by developers and engineers to create and troubleshoot applications on RealWear devices. Many Realwear users will not use these buttons unless directed by RealWear Support or their internal IT team.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 11.02.20 AM

LOGCAT: Downloads the RealWear device system log and opens it using the system’s default text editor. To change the default text editor, navigate to the File menu, select Options and then browse to the desired text editor.

ADB: Opens up a new command prompt window, allowing for Android adb commands to be entered and run.

XY COORD: Enables and disables the overlay in the display window that shows the coordinates of each mouse click. This is useful for writing WearML scripts which rely on accurate positions for the on-screen views.

WEARML: Opens the WearML Editor for editing WearML scripts for the connected RealWear device.

Drag-and-Drop to install APKs

RealWear Explorer allows you to install APKs (Android applications) on the RealWear device, also known as “side-loading”. To side-load an app to your RealWear device, drag an APK file from the computer desktop onto the “drop zone” of RealWear Explorer.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 11.18.07 AM

  • Drag-and-drop APK file from desktop onto the “drop zone”.
  • RealWear Explorer will install the APK and report progress.
  • On completion a message will be displayed to indicate success or failure.

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