My RealWear device won't connect to the Cloud

Just occasionally you find your RealWear headset device won't connect to the cloud. Below are a few helpful hints and tips to help you get reconnected

1. Check you're on a stable wifi connection - Do you have good signal strength? Are other devices able to access the internet on this network?

2. If you're using a mobile hotspot - check the mobile device has a good signal and a good 4G / LTE connection.

3. Check your device doesn't think it's on a metered connection - Sometimes when the RealWear Headset connects to a mobile hotspot, it recognises this device as a 'metered' connection, which means it only allows a restricted flow of data through the mobile hotspot. You can easily change this by following the details below

4. Check the latest firewall / IP Port guide. Due to the ever changing nature of the internet and the growth of RealWear Cloud. We occasionally update the domains and IP addresses our service uses. We do this to provide the best possible experience and lowest connectivity rates possible between your devices and RealWear Cloud. The latest firewall guide can be found here 

5. Check the time on your device. If your device isn't on the correct local time, this has been known to cause issues with connectivity so be sure to check it. You can see the time in the top right of the device screen and to change the settings do:
My Programs > Settings > System > Date & Time > Select Item 5 (Time Zone) and change to the correct timezone.

Metered / Unmetered connections

A metered connection is an Internet connection that has a data limit associated with it. Sometimes mobile hotspots as well has cellular data connections are set as metered by default. Some apps work differently on a metered connection. Also, some updates for RealWear Devices won't be installed automatically.

Though metered connections have their advantages, there are some drawbacks associated with it as well:

The device could ignore essential updates at times
Some applications may function erratically, as they stop updating and downloading data.

To switch from a metered connection to an unmetered connection

Go to My Programs > Settings > Network & Internet > Wireless Network > Select the network that the device is connected to > Advanced > Network Usage > Treat as Unmetered.

We've created a handy video here