Microsoft Teams on RealWear

May 2021 Release

Microsoft has officially released the May 2021 version of Microsoft Teams through RealWear Foresight. The Teams May 2021 release for RealWear includes:

  • Local Camera Flashlight: turn the device flashlight on/off for your outgoing video during a call/meeting
  • Local Camera Zoom: change zoom levels for your outgoing video during a call/meeting
  • Add participants: nudge new participants into a call/meeting
  • Open images/pdfs in the native viewer: images and pdfs in chat now open natively allowing control to pan/zoom/freeze

If you are a Foresight administrator, review the information in this article to learn more about Microsoft Teams May 2021 update, improvements in this version, and how to update Microsoft Teams on RealWear devices.

Q: When will this update for Microsoft Teams be available via RealWear Foresight?

A: The Microsoft Teams release for May 2021 is available to all Foresight customers effective May 31st, 2021. Auto-update for Teams will be enabled on this date. Once auto-update is enabled, existing Foresight policies for Teams will be automatically updated to this latest release.


Getting Started

  • If you are a Foresight administrator who is new to Microsoft Teams on your RealWear devices, click here to learn more.
  • On May 31st, 2021, RealWear devices will auto-update to the newest Teams version (click here for auto-update information).
  • If you are an end user using Teams on your RealWear device and would like to update to the newest Teams release, please contact your company administrator.

Q: How do I update my HMT-1 to Firmware Release 11.2 or newer?

Click here for more information on updating your device firmware.

Q: How do I know if I have access to the most recent Microsoft Teams build in Foresight?

A: In Foresight, your Application Catalog provides details on all apps available to your Foresight tenant. The app version name for this version of Microsoft Teams is: 1449/ (see example below):


Click here to access Foresight. The Application Catalog can be found under Device Management. Teams can be found under the Applications Posted by RealWear tab (see example below):


Q: What actions do I need to take in Foresight?

A: No action is required by IT admins. This version of Microsoft Teams will be auto-updated beginning on May 31st, 2021.

This will result in the most recent version of Microsoft Teams being pushed to your RealWear devices. Your devices must be connected to Wi-Fi and able to connect to Foresight to receive the updated policy.

This process can take up to 30 minutes to complete. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section below to resolve any issues.

Q: What actions do I need to take on the HMT device for auto-update? 

Please ensure that your HMT device is updated to Firmware Release 11.2. 

Once your devices have been updated to Firmware Release 11.2 or later, Teams will auto-update if the following criteria are met on the device: 

  1. The device is connected to power. 
  2. The device is connected to the internet over Wi-Fi. 
  3. The Teams app is not in the foreground (app is closed or in background). 

Depending on conditions, the auto-update process can take up to 30 minutes to complete. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section below to resolve any issues. 

Q: What actions do I need to take in Foresight for auto-update? 

With auto-update for Microsoft Teams through Foresight, all policies referencing Teams will be auto-updated to use the current version of Microsoft Teams. You will not need to take any further action in Foresight. 

Known Issues

In some cases, after updating Microsoft Teams, some customers have reported experiencing the following issues:

  • HMT video does not show up
  • Toggle video command does not resolve the video issue
  • Cannot see other participants meetings
  • Unstable app screen with flickering icons
  • Voice commands do not work as expected in many screens

Clearing the application cache from the HMT device resolves this issue — follow the process outlined below to resolve these issues.

IT Administrators and RealWear Project Leads:

  • An updated version of Microsoft Teams is now available for customers who are experiencing this issue.
  • To get access to this build, contact RealWear support who can assist you with getting access to and deploying this updated version of Teams to your end users.

HMT Users:

  • Contact your IT administrator or RealWear project lead to make them aware of the issue and how to resolve it.
  • Follow the instructions outlined in the next section to clear the HMT application cache and resolve the issue.

Step 1: Clear Cache

  1. From your HMT home screen, say “MY PROGRAMS, then say “SETTINGS”:
  3. Navigate through the menu until you locate Microsoft Teams, then say “STORAGE AND CACHE”. Say “CLEAR CACHE” to clear your Microsoft Teams cache:

Once you have cleared the Microsoft Teams cache, from the HMT home screen:

  2. Say “DISMISS ALL”

If you continue to experience issues after completing these steps, please contact Support.


Q: I have followed the steps to update Teams, and my HMT-1 device is powered on and connected to Wi-Fi, but Teams has not updated to the most recent version. What steps should I take to update Teams?

A: Here are a few things to try if this version of Microsoft Teams is not visible on your HMT-1 device(s):

  1. Update your device to the latest firmware.
  2. Power off and power on your HMT-1 device

Once your HMT-1 has powered on, toggle Wi-Fi on your HMT-1 device. From the home screen, say the following commands in this sequence:

  1. “My controls”
  2. “Wireless Network”
  3. “Disable”
  4. “Wireless Network”
  5. “Enable”

If you continue to experience difficulty updating your device to this version of Microsoft Teams, please contact support.