RealWear Cloud

How to install a beta (pre-release) app on your RealWear Device.

A quick guide on how to download a beta app from the RealWear Cloud App Catalogue.

Apps in the RealWear Cloud are listed either as 'stable' or 'beta'
Stable = The generally released version of the app, available for all to use during normal functions
Beta = A pre-release version of the app, may included some bugs or nuances.

To download a beta version of an app (when available)

Login to RealWear Cloud (

Click Devices or Groups on the left hand menu (depending on how you want to apply the app)

In this guide we're applying the beta app to a single device

Click the Device name (or group name if applying to a group)

Click the Applications button

Find the app you want to install in the list

Don't click the 'Install' icon, instead click the kebab menu, and hit on 'Install pre-release version'

If a beta (pre-release) version is available, this will be pushed to your device shortly.