RealWear Navigator™ 500/520

RealWear Navigator™ 500 / 520 Firmware Release 1.4 Release Notes

This document provides public notice for RealWear Navigator™ 500 series firmware release. This update will provide the latest security patch, additional features, further device support and bug fixes.


RealWear Firmware Release 1.4 for RealWear Navigator™ 500 Series devices.  The update includes both bug fixes and enhancements.  This is a one-step upgrade process from our previous release that retains your data. 

Early Access: Now available.

GA: January 12, 2023

Note: Release notes are only a summary of what’s new in this release.


Delivery Data

Item Description
Company Realwear Inc
Model Number

RealWear Navigator 500 ™ (T21G)

RealWear Navigator 520 ™ (T21G)

Firmware version 1.4
Software Version 1.4.3-41-C.NAV5XX.G


Camera Changes

Additional Language Support

  • Updated Turkish support
  • Updated Danish support

DPI Scaling Support

  • All 1st party applications updated to support multiple DPI settings on device.
  • All Navigator devices now support DPI scaling by default

  • Default Density for RealWear Navigator 500 is now 160 DPI (mdpi)

  • Default Density for RealWear Navigator 520 is now 240 DPI (hdpi)
  • More details on supporting multiple pixel densities - here 

Webview Change

  • From MR1.4 - Only a signed WebView application can be installed on a RealWear device
  • By default, no change will be made for our current implementation of Webview v94
  • Developers can now choose from the RealWear-shipped Webview version of v94 or the secondary WebView implementation if required.  Contact RealWear support for details.

Android Security Updates

  • Security updates released through the end of November 2022 has been incorporated into this release.

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

  • Bug fixes and improvements have been made for this release. Contact RealWear support for any details on specific fixes or issues.


For instructions on how to update your device firmware, please see this article