RealWear Companion

Set Up Your Device with RealWear One

The RealWear One app provides helpful guides and a quick way to get set up and connected to the internet.

RealWear One offers training materials and step-by-step guidance for configuring RealWear devices and establishing internet connectivity.

First, make sure to download the RealWear One application. If you previously had the RealWear Companion application installed, an app update will be available through your selected app store. 

The RealWear One app is available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store:


Device and Network Setup

To set up the RealWear device and network with the RealWear One app, do the following:

  1. Tap SIGN IN on the RealWear One app home page.
  2. Sign in with your username and password, or choose one of the other options available. 
  3. Select  GET STARTED to watch helpful videos on how to wear, position, and operate the device. We recommend going over this section if you are new to wearing a RealWear device. 
  4. Select GET CONNECTED to proceed with network set up. (See image above)
  5. Select the device you want to connect.
  6. The Navigator series devices need to be on firmware 1.6 or higher. Use the prompts on the app. Select Yes it is when the device is on firmware 1.6 or higher and you are ready to proceed.
    Learn more: How to perform a Wireless Firmware Update
  7. Get connected to a network by selecting NO, ADD A NETWORK.
  9. SmartSelect_20231020_130014_RealWearSelect or Enter your network name and password. SmartSelect_20231020_130125_RealWear 
  10. Select YES, IT'S SET UP or NO, IT'S NEW OR RESET.SmartSelect_20231020_130217_RealWear
  11. Follow the directions on the app to set up the RealWear device. SmartSelect_20231020_130232_RealWear
  12. Scan the code to setup the device and/or network. 


If you have any trouble connecting, select Troubleshoot connection and work through the suggested steps.