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Configure – Base 64 Encoding

Base 64 encoding is a reliable way to render images and other information in a simple string format without the need for transferring and storing image files. The HMT utilizes this method for supplying configuration options like the Home Screen background image and all images used in the Language Selector.

Many free resources exist online to encode your content, such as Check any instructions they provide as some formats or encoders will add extra information you may need to clip out before placing in a configuration file for the HMT, such as “data:image/png;base64,[actual base64 string]”; this extra information could interfere with the rendering of the image and instead render nothing at all. Any Base 64 string should not include colons, semicolons, or commas, and only include A-Z, a-z, 0-9, + and / characters. Every Base 64 string is terminated with either one or two equal signs – i.e. = or ==.

Example Steps:

  1. Navigate to a website of your choosing capable of encoding an image into Base64 format
  2. Provide the image you intend to convert as input on the website
  3. Retrieve the output string (i.e. some websites display the string, whereas others allow you to download a .txt file)
  4. Copy the resulting Base64 string into the relevant variables in between the quotation marks (marked in the examples with “base64 encoded image”)
  5. Push the file onto the device and reboot the HMT, then navigate to your change

Note: Base 64 does not require the source image to be downloaded to your device or stored in any way except the Base 64 encoded string in your configuration.