Add New Device

To register your device in RealWear Cloud, do the following:

  1. Click Devices.
  2. Click 19.
  3. Click Add New Device.
  4. Locate the serial number of your device.

    Note:   The serial number for the RealWear Navigator® 500 is in the battery compartment. The serial number for the HMT-1® and HMT-1Z1® is on the inside surface of the device band. When entering your serial number, do not include “S/N” or “WK1234”. For example, for S/N 123456789012345 WK1234, only enter 123456789012345.
  5. Enter your device serial number in the Serial Number * field.
  6. Enter a name for your device in the Friendly Name * field.

    Note:   The Serial Number and Friendly Name fields are mandatory. The remaining fields in the Add Device window are optional.
  7. Click Insert Device.

  8. Power ON your RealWear device to communicate with RealWear Cloud.

    Note:   Your device automatically communicates with RealWear Cloud.
  9. Refresh the Devices page to view your device details, including the firmware version and most recent check-in time.

Error When Adding a Device

If you try to add a device and receive an error message that says, “Serial Number already entered. Contact your administrator”, you must send an email to RealWear support for assistance.


Compose an email to and include the following information:

  • Enter “[FS2 Error] Serial Number Already Entered” in the Subject line.
  • Enter the following information in the email body:
    • A brief description of your issue.
    • Your Foresight workspace name.
    • Your RealWear device serial number.