Add Multiple Devices

To register multiple devices in RealWear Cloud, do the following:

  1. Click Devices.
  2. Click 19.
  3. Click Add Multiple Devices.
  4. The Add Multiple Devices window opens. Click Download CSV Template.

    Note:   The CSV template is an Excel file that will download to the Downloads folder on your computer.

  5. Move the CSV template to a preferred location on your computer.
  6. Locate the serial numbers of your devices.

    Note:   The serial number for the RealWear Navigator® 500 is in the battery compartment. The serial number for the HMT-1® and HMT-1Z1® is on the inside surface of the device band. When entering your serial number, do not include “S/N” or “WK1234”. For example, for S/N 123456789012345 WK1234, only enter 123456789012345.
  7. Open the CSV template and enter your device serial numbers in Serial Number column A.
  8. Enter names for your devices in Friendly Name column B.

    Note:   The Serial Number and Friendly Name columns are mandatory. The remaining columns in the CSV template are optional.
  9. After all device information is entered into the CSV template, save the file and drag and drop it into the Add Multiple Devices window.
  10. The Imported Items window opens. Make sure all your devices are listed and ready to import, and then click Finish Import.
  11. To add the devices to a group, select a group from the Available Groups field, and then click Add to Groups.

    Note:   After a group is selected in the Available Groups field, it automatically moves to the Add to Groups field.

  12. To register your devices without adding them to a group, click Continue without Adding.
  13. The user message “Assign device(s) to group(s) success” briefly appears at the bottom of your screen.
  14. Power ON your RealWear devices to communicate with RealWear Cloud.

    Note:   Your devices automatically communicate with RealWear Cloud.
  15. Refresh the Devices page to view your device details, including the firmware version and most recent check-in time.