Configuration tools

Wifi Management from RealWear Cloud

RealWear's Wifi Management is a PRO feature that lets Device Administrators store and manage Wi-Fi credentials in RealWear Cloud. It simplifies the deployment of Wi-Fi networks directly to devices.

How it Works

With RealWear Wi-Fi Management, you can store Wi-Fi networks that can be deployed directly to a device from RealWear Cloud. These networks can have either static or randomized MAC addresses, depending on your requirement. All stored networks are encrypted, ensuring that your data remains secure.

Exportable Networks

One of the standout features of RealWear Wi-Fi Management is the ability to mark a network as "Exportable." Doing so enables you to generate a QR code for the network details that can be scanned by a RealWear Device, making it easy to share the network credentials with your team.

Static MAC Addresses

Static (non-randomized) MAC addresses are only valid when using the Wifi Deployment tool. Static MAC Addresses are not deployed via the QR Export tool.

QR Code Share Tool

To share the QR code, you can use RealWear's QR code share tool. This tool allows you to quickly and easily send the QR code to your team, so they can scan it and connect to the network without the need for manual configuration.

Deploying Wi-Fi Configurations

Once you have created and stored your Wi-Fi network credentials in RealWear Cloud, deploying them to your devices is straightforward. You can do this by visiting the Device Groups Settings or Device Settings pages and following the steps on the "Deploy Wi-Fi Configuration" button.

How do I store a Wi-Fi configuration?

  1. Click the Wi-Fi button on the left hand navigation bar
  2. Click the purple plus bottom in the bottom right of the screen
  3. Enter your network credentials:
    1. SSID
    2. Type (No security or WPA, WPA2, WPA3)
    3. Password 
    4. Choose whether you want your network Non-randomized(static) MAC or Exportable. 
    5. Choose whether the network SSID is hidden.
    6. Add a description so you can recognise this Wi-Fi configuration in the future.
  4. If you marked your Wi-Fi config as exportable. You can now share it using the WiFI share tool. Simply click on the QR code iconand using our share tool you can download the QR as an image or copy the URL to your clipboard

To Deploy your Wi-Fi configurations

  1. Visit the Device Page (or Device Groups)
    Click on your device (or the group of devices)
    Click the 'Deploy Wi-Fi Configuration Button'
  2. Using the checkboxes choose the configurations you want to send to your device.
  3. Choose Assign. Once assigned the Wi-Fi configurations should be assigned within minutes on your device.
  4. Wi-Fi configurations on devices should connect to the strongest signal.
  5. Wi-Fi configurations cannot be removed from the device inside RealWear Cloud. They must be removed from the device itself.

    You can view the networks which have been applied by either visiting a Device page or a Group page. 
    Scroll down and there is a list of applied networks and how they have been applied (either directly to a device or from a group.