Which RealWear device model do I have?

Determine which RealWear device model you are using by recognizing the visual device characteristics.

If you're uncertain about the specific RealWear device model you own, refer to the images and device characteristics provided below for clarification.

If the device has been registered to RealWear Cloud and checked-in, you can see the device model under the Devices section.

(New!) RealWear Navigator Z1 


RealWear Navigator Z1 Characteristics: 

  • Red interior band, signifying intrinsically safe 
  • Red buttons 
  • Swappable battery with red accents and power indicator lights 
  • Modular Camera 

Visit the RealWear Navigator Z1 page to learn about our newest device release:

RealWear Navigator 520  


RealWear Navigator 520 Characteristics: 

  • Larger display box 
  • Power icon on the power button 
  • Modular Camera 
  • Swappable battery with power indicator light 

Learn more about the RealWear Navigator 520:


RealWear Navigator 500 


RealWear Navigator 500 Characteristics: 

  • Black power button/fingerprint sensor 
  • Modular Camera 
  • Swappable battery with power indicator light 

See how this rugged, yet modular device jump-started the Navigator device series:

RealWear HMT-1Z1


HMT-1Z1 Characteristics: 

  • Red color, signifying intrinsically safe 
  • Textured camera and Action button 
  • Internal battery (not swappable) 

Visit the RealWear HMT-1Z1 page to learn about our fundamental intrinsically safe device:

RealWear HMT-1


HMT-1 Characteristics: 

  • Silver camera  
  • Small silver power button 
  • Textured Action button 
  • Cylindrical battery with a screw on cap

The HMT-1 has been discontinued. For those seeking support of the HMT-1, head over to our knowledge base or fill in the contact us form.