WearML Indicators


One of the most powerful features of RealWear’s software platform is the ability to place any Android application onto a RealWear device and have that application be voice-enabled with no effort required.

This is done by automatically mapping speech bubbles, known as WearML indicators, over items on a RealWear screen to indicate that the item is clickable. These WearML indicators can be triggered either by saying that voice command or by saying “select item x” for example “select item 4”

This no-code approach to voice enabling apps has been taken to the next level in Release 11.1. Now in My Controls, users can control how long WearML Indicators appear on the screen before they fade away. Options available are:

  • Fade after 3/5/10 seconds
  • Fade never

Note: This functionality may behave differently in certain applications. If an application has been optimized for the HMT using WearML embedded, then the application will override the setting above to one defined by the application.

User Experience

WearML Indicator can be accessed by saying ‘My Controls’ at any time when using the HMT:


Next in order to change the WearML Indicator settings the user can say “WearML Indicator‘:


Voice Command  Action 
“Fade 3 Seconds”  WearML Indicators will fade after 3 seconds
“Fade 5 Seconds”  WearML Indicators will fade after 4 seconds
“Fade 10 Seconds”  WearML Indicators will fade after 10 seconds
“Fade Never”  WearML Indicators will never fade