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Vysor is our recommended desktop Headset mirroring tool.

Vysor allows you to mirror your RealWear device screen on your desktop. You can view application, share your screen, and use the computer mouse and keyboard to drive the device interface from your desktop. 

Get Vysor:

What about RealWear Explorer?

RealWear explorer was a development tool and while it is still available for download, it will not be developed further and while the screen sharing will continue to work, new features will not be added. 

Advantages of Using Vysor

  • Always maintained for the latest Android versions 
  • Android/iPhone client means you can share screen to your phone/tablet for demonstrations on the move 
  • Share multiple devices simultaneously 
  • High quality sharing (premium) 
  • Drag and drop files to your Navigator

Vysor Pricing

Vysor comes in two flavours, the free service and the paid for service. The free service will allow you to mirror your RealWear device screens without a problem. 

The paid for services offers higher quality streaming and wireless sharing. 
Pricing is available here:

Using Vysor with RealWear Headsets

Plug your device into your desktop with Vysor running

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

A RealWear Headset shows as the Model Number
T21G for Navigator 500/520
T21S for Navigator Z1
T2100G for HMT
T2100S for HMT-1Z1

When the device is connected click the red play button next to the model name.

This will open a separate screen and enable you to interact with the device.

You can now interact with the headset using your desktop mouse and keyboard.

Getting the Logcat

If you ever contact RealWear Support to discuss your device, they may request a logcat from you.
to get this, connect to your device, click the 'settings cog' in the top right hand corner of the viewer window, copy the logcat to a new text file. Send this to support