Update Firmware Tile

The Update Firmware tile allows users to schedule the latest firmware updates on their RealWear devices.

Click Update Firmware to open the Firmware Update window. The Firmware Update window shows the firmware version currently installed on the RealWear device, and the latest firmware version available.

If the latest firmware version is already installed on your device, the radio button next to the latest version is not selectable. Click CLOSE to close the Firmware Update window.

To update your device to the latest firmware version, do the following:

  1. Click the radio button next to the desired firmware version, and then click SELECT.
  2. Choose the date you would like to install the firmware onto your device, and then click SELECT.

    Note:   The firmware update will be installed the next time the device is powered ON and connected after the scheduled date.
  3. If the information is correct, click CONFIRM to schedule the update.
  4. The update is now scheduled. If the information is correct, click CLOSE to close the window.
  5. To cancel the update, click CANCEL UPDATE.