Interacting with Your Device

Speech Keyboard

Speech Keyboard is the default method by which text may be entered into a text field using RealWear Navigator. When a text entry screen is brought into focus or selected, the hands-free keyboard is displayed overlaying part of the application.

Speech keyboard provides various input methods:

  • Remote Keyboard
  • Dictation
  • Secure Keyboard
  • Voice Keyboard
  • Barcode Reader


Speech Keyboard Commands
Voice Command Action


Accepts the entered information and navigates to the next page.


Allow users to scan QR code for text entry.


Close the Dictation window.


Close the text edit window.


Clear the text in the input box.


Close the keyboard options.


Delete the last text character entry.


Activates dictation and allows user to enter text based on speech recognition.


Toggles to the Letter Keyboard.


Toggles to lower case letters.


Toggles to the Number Keyboard.


Toggles to Remote Keyboard mode.


Toggles to Secure Keyboard mode.


Selects the highlighted character in Secure Keyboard mode.


Displays pop-up window with the help for commands associated with the current screen.


Insert a single space.


Toggles to the Symbol Keyboard.


Toggles to upper case letters.


Toggles to Voice Keyboard mode.

Remote Keyboard


RealWear Companion must be installed to use the Remote Keyboard feature. 

The Remote Keyboard allows you to enter text using your mobile device.

To use the Remote Keyboard, do the following:

  2. Make sure RealWear Companion is open and say, “OK IT’S OPEN”.

  3. The Connect new device window opens while RealWear Navigator searches for your mobile device.
    Note: RealWear Navigator uses Bluetooth to pair with your mobile device. Make sure RealWear Navigator and your mobile device both have Bluetooth ON.

  4. After Bluetooth pairing is complete, you can use your mobile device’s keyboard with RealWear Navigator.

Barcode Reader for Remote Keyboard

The Barcode Reader allows you to enter text using a barcode generated by the RealWear Companion mobile app.

To use the barcode reader as a remote keyboard, do the following:

  1. Open the RealWear Companion app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap Remote Keyboard in the RealWear Companion app.
  3. Enter the desired text into the text field
  4. Say “BARCODE READER” and point the camera at the QR code. Make sure the entire QR code is within the white rectangle on the display.
    Note: Use the flashlight, zoom, and telephoto commands to better read the QR code, as required.
  5. When the QR code is scanned successfully, a chime sounds, and the text entered into the RealWear Companion app appears in the RealWear Navigator display.



Dictation is cloud-based for all languages, so an internet connection may be required. Some languages support local dictation as well. To toggle local and cloud-based dictation, say “MY CONTROLS” and then say “DICTATION”. Go to for more information.

Note: If the keyboard becomes hidden or accidentally closed, use the "SELECT ITEM #" command to select the text field again and the speech keyboard will reappear.

Note: If entering a password for Wi-Fi authentication, simply say "PASSWORD" to activate the speech keyboard.

To use Dictation, do the following:

  1. Say “DICTATION”. The START DICTATION countdown timer appears at the bottom of the display.

  2. After the countdown timer finishes, RealWear Navigator listens for text. Speak quickly and clearly.

  3. The text appears in the text field and the user message “Dictation Complete” appears at the bottom of the display.

  4. Say “OK” to accept the entry and close the text window.

Secure Keyboard

The Secure Keyboard allows only vertical and horizontal head movement to select letters, numbers, and symbols.

To use the Secure Keyboard, do the following:

  2. Move your head to highlight the desired character and say “SELECT”.

  3. After the text has been entered, say “ACCEPT” to accept the changes.


Voice Keyboard

The Voice Keyboard allows you to select letters, numbers, and symbols by saying the word associated with each character. Say “SPACE” at any time to add a space between characters.

Note: Only English is currently supported in this mode. Other languages may work to varying degrees but are not optimized for this mode and could cause user issues.

To use the Voice Keyboard, do the following:

  2. Say the word associated with the desired character.

  3. After the text is entered, say “ACCEPT” to accept the changes.