RealWear Companion

Set Up Wireless Network

To set up a wireless network, do the following:

  1. Tap the Set up wireless network field on the Set Up Your Device page.

    KB 3C
  2. The Set up wireless network page opens. Tap the Select wireless network field.

    KB 10
  3. Enter your wireless network SSID.
    Note: The SSID is case sensitive. Make sure the exact SSID name is entered.
  4. Tap the Select security type field.

    KB 11
  5. The Select security type page opens. Tap the radio button next to the wireless network security type.

    KB 12
  6. After the wireless network security type is selected, the Enter wireless password field appears.
  7. Tap the Enter wireless password field.

    KB 13B
  8. Enter the wireless password.
  9. When the wireless network, password, and security type are correct, and tap Save.