RealWear HMT-1®

Firmware Release 12.0 Known Issues

Issue: Unable to access notifications received from some applications


Due to a change in how notifications are handled in Android 10, customers who have installed Release 12 on their HMT-1 may encounter a known issue where it is not clear to users how to interact with stacked notifications. One example of this is when deploying certificates and Wi-Fi Configuration via Microsoft Intune’s company portal application.

Example —User may not be able to see an obvious voice command (see image below):

Immediate Work Around

If you have already installed Release 12 on your device and have encountered this issue, follow the steps below.

From anywhere within the HMT menu, say “SHOW NOTIFICATIONS”. This will launch the notifications drawer (image below).

Although the voice command “EXPAND” is not visible, saying “EXPAND” will expand notifications (image below).

You may now issue voice commands — in the example below, you would say “SELECT ITEM 3” to view this notification.

Contact Points

If you would like help with this issue:

  • End users impacted by this issue: contact your dedicated internal RealWear contacts
  • Project leads or IT admins: contact RealWear support ( or your dedicated RealWear contacts

Permanent Fix

RealWear is committed to delivering a permanent fix for users that does not require the above work around. Further details will be provided first by RealWear Product Management and distributed to RealWear’s support channels and dedicated account teams.