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RealWear One FAQs

This article provides some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the RealWear One application.


Q: What is RealWear One?

A: RealWear One is the ultimate companion for your RealWear hands-free, voice-controlled wearable devices. Out of the box, it simplifies your experience by guiding you on optimal device usage, ensuring a top-notch user experience. It offers effortless network connectivity and device management. With our innovative remote keyboard, text entry is a breeze. But that's not just it—RealWear One takes collaboration to the next level by enabling real-time video sharing of your 1st person perspective. It's not just an app; it's your partner in navigating the RealWear universe.


Q: What are the key features of RealWear One?


A: RealWear One offers many key features including:

  • Effortless Setup: Say goodbye to cumbersome manual setups. Simply scan a QR code and instantly set your device's network configuration. Your RealWear headset will be online in seconds!
  • Remote Keyboard: Ever found it challenging to input text on your RealWear device? With our remote keyboard feature, you can now type effortlessly using your mobile phone, and watch the text appear on your RealWear headset in real-time.
  • Fast Video Calls: Access easy to use, 1:1 video calling technology. With just a tap, headset users can instantly connect with someone for a crisp and clear video conversation. Whether it's for professional discussions or a quick catch-up, you're always just a call away.

Additional Benefits:

·      User-friendly interface

·      Quick connectivity

·      Secure and reliable performance

Experience the future of RealWear headsets with RealWear One. Download now and redefine your RealWear experience!

Q: Who is the target audience for this app?


A: Anyone who currently uses a RealWear device (HMT series, Navigator series) such as:

·      Current users of Companion app for setup and/or remote keyboard

·      Current users of RealWear devices who don’t use Companion app

·      New users to RealWear

RealWear One app will be available to anyone on a mobile or tablet device. It is especially useful for frontline professionals to setup and enable communication between mobile and headset. RealWear One makes it easier to contact help quickly and easily for a remote assistance or mentor session.


Q: Do I need to download a new app or can I upgrade my existing Companion app?

A: If you are already a user of RealWear Companion app, you will not have to download a separate app. It will be available as an app update through your selected app store (iOS or Google Play). If you don’t currently use the Companion app, you will need to download the new RealWear One app when it launches.

Note: Android version of RealWear One coming soon.



Q: Is there a charge for this app?

A: RealWear One is available for no charge to download and use. To access full functionality, users should have RealWear Cloud Basic or Pro. RealWear Cloud Basic Is available at no charge. To find out more about RealWear Cloud, please visit the product page at RealWear Cloud.


Q: I see that there is video calling within the app. What is it and are there any limitations to its usage?

A: RealWear One provides easy to use, 1:1 video calling. With just a tap, headset users can instantly connect with someone for a crisp and clear video conversation. It will offer unlimited, free 1:1 video calls with an easy-to-use experience and great video quality even when your connection has low bandwidth. Whether it's for professional discussions or a quick catch-up, we ensure you're always just a tap away.


Q: Do I need to have RealWear Cloud to sign into RealWear One?


A: Yes, you need a RealWear Cloud Basic account or higher in order to access the full features of RealWear One. To create a free RealWear Cloud Basic account, please go here: Get Started with RealWear Cloud


Q: I currently have an HMT (HMT-1, HMT-1Z1) device. Will my device work with RealWear One? Will there be any difference in functionality?

A: RealWear One supports all RealWear devices, including HMT devices (HMT-1, HMT-1Z1) and RealWear Navigator series (RealWear Navigator 500, RealWear Navigator 520, and RealWear Navigator Z1).  At the launch of RealWear One, video calling will be supported on RealWear Navigator 500 and 520 devices. Support for other devices such as HMTs will be added by the end of October, with support for RealWear Navigator Z1 coming at its launch.  

You must have Navigator firmware v1.6 or above for this app to work properly on Navigator devices.


For full functionality, please make sure your device is updated to the latest firmware.

For more details on how to update to the latest firmware, please see here: Firmware Updates