Frequently Asked Questions

RealWear Navigator Z1 FAQs

This article explains the key use cases and product features of the RealWear Navigator Z1 as well as provides FAQs to other questions


Q: What is RealWear Navigator Z1?

A: RealWear Navigator Z1 is our latest Intrinsically Safe ruggedized wearable built for the toughest environments.

Frontline professionals in industries like Energy, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, and Manufacturing often operate in environments where there is a potential risk of explosion or fire due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or dusts. These are among the most dangerous environments and safety is at a premium

These users typically are restricted from using most consumer electronics, including smartphones and tablets.

Our solution is built to help keep them safe while providing a faster way to learn and perform critical tasks using digital tools. It is certified for hands-free use in hazardous environments so frontline professionals can keep their focus on the task at hand, helping to reduce downtime, enhance productivity, and increase safety.


Q: What are the key features of RealWear Navigator Z1?

A: RealWear Navigator Z1 offers many key features including:


  • Top-notch performance: Includes a super-fast Qualcomm QCS6490 chipset + 4x the RAM (versus HMT-1Z1) so you can get more done, even in the toughest environments
  • Built for the toughest environments: Certified for Intrinsically Safe environments, 2M drop tested, and IP66 dust/water protection so it works in hazardous areas most electronics aren’t able to be used
  • Hands-free operation: Voice-enabled hands-free operation in noisy environments up to 100 dBa so you can be safer and more productive
  • More comfortable for all-day use: Lighter and tougher so you can have a device that’s as tough as the job to do
  • The future is now: Harness the power of the new AI Core to get even better results in inspections, workflows, and more
  • Bigger, brighter, bolder display: With a 20% larger display + 2x the resolution than HMT-1Z1, you can view documents, video calls, and workflows in even more detail
  • Enhanced camera: Great 48MP modular camera with Advanced Image Stablization works even better in low-light situations
  • Great connectivity: Leverage the power of Wifi 6 and our 5G solution to keep you connected even in the toughest environments
  • Adapts to your needs: Modular design allows you to add capabilities as your needs change, including swapping out the removable battery or adding the new Thermal Camera Module to see the invisible


Q: What are the primary uses for the device?

A: RealWear Navigator Z1 is built for multiple hands-free use cases including:

  • Remote Collaboration and Training
  • Field Service Management
  • Inspections
  • Digital Workflows


Q: How is RealWear Navigator Z1 different than the HMT-1Z1?

A: There are over 20 improvements to the hardware for RealWear Navigator Z1. For more details on the product,

Please see our product page here: RealWear Navigator Z1


Q: What apps does RealWear Navigator Z1 work with when it is shipped? Will there be any change to my current processes?

A: RealWear devices work with a host of enterprise solutions to offer real answers to the toughest challenges facing the frontline.

As with the Navigator 520, with the shift to a higher resolution display on the Z1 some apps may need to be optimized for the best user experience. 

For more information on how to optimize your application, please see the Developer documentation.


Q: Can I upgrade my HMT-1Z1 display to the new RealWear Navigator Z1?

A: RealWear Navigator Z1 is a new Intrinsically Safe device built on the RealWear Navigator platform. As such, users of the HMT-1Z1 will need to purchase the new Z1 in order to experience the new functionality such as the HyperDisplay.


Q: What does Intrinsically Safe mean? Why does certification matter?

A: Intrinsically safe refers to a design principle and certification process for electrical equipment and systems that are used in potentially hazardous environments. The goal of intrinsic safety is to prevent the occurrence of electrical or thermal conditions that could ignite flammable gases, vapors, or dust particles present in the atmosphere.

Intrinsically safe devices are designed to operate with low levels of electrical energy and are incapable of generating sparks or temperatures high enough to ignite a hazardous atmosphere. They are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, mining, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and others where there is a risk of explosive or flammable materials being present.

To achieve intrinsic safety, electrical devices undergo rigorous testing and certification according to established standards, such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60079 series. These standards define the criteria for electrical safety, energy limitations, and component protection, ensuring that the equipment will not pose a fire or explosion hazard in hazardous areas.

Intrinsically safe equipment typically uses specialized design features, such as encapsulation, current limiting circuits, and barriers, to prevent the release of sufficient energy that could cause ignition. This allows the equipment to be used safely in environments where the potential for explosions or fires exists, minimizing the risk to personnel and property.

More information about specific certifications will be provided as we get closer to launch.


Q: How is RealWear Navigator 500 series external battery pack different from RealWear Navigator Z1?

A: RealWear Navigator® 500 Series has an external battery pack that can be hot swapped to another battery without needing to power down the device.  In order for the RealWear Navigator Z1 to be IS-certified, the battery pack is mounted including screws that prevent accidental removal in hazardous zones. It is still capable of being removed outside of hazardous zones.


Q: What connectivity options are available for RealWear Navigator Z1?

A: RealWear Navigator Z1 provides several ways to get connected. There are Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 6/6E built-in. In addition, RealWear offers a 5G solution for even better connectivity when you’re on the go.


Q: Can I charge my device or extra batteries in an Intrinsically Safe zone?

A: No, please only charge additional batteries or your device outside of hazardous areas.


Q: At which operating temperatures does RealWear Navigator Z1 work?

A: RealWear Navigator Z1 is targeted for operation between -4° F to +131° F / -20° C to +55° C.


Q: I currently have an HMT-1Z1 device. If I upgrade to RealWear Navigator Z1, how can I transfer my data?

A: Applications can be transferred using RealWear Cloud. For documents, photos, and video, you can transfer them using the Cloud Sync application from the RealWear App Marketplace or using RealWear Explorer.


Q: On which Operating System does RealWear Navigator Z1 run?

A: RealWear Navigator Z1 runs Android 12 (AOSP) + Wear HF® hands-free operating system.


Q: Will the same accessories work for the Navigator 500 series devices and RealWear Navigator Z1?

A: Most current accessories that are compatible with RealWear Navigator 500 Series devices will also be compatible with RealWear Navigator Z1. However, not all accessories are usable in Intrinsically Safe environments.

Note: Based on current information. Information subject to change.