Display Technology Comparison

Display Comparison

Understanding the display technology of the RealWear Navigator 500 series

RealWear Navigator™ 500 uses a transmissive LCD display which uses a single LED backlight.

RealWear chose to introduce the RealWear Navigator™ 520 for the following display improvements over the 500:
 • Larger perceived display size
 • Increased resolution
 • Improved color reproduction
 • Enhanced usability with larger eye relief and eye box

The RealWear Navigator™ 520 display is based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology which offers visual clarity and high resolution in very compact sizes. LCoS displays utilize LEDs as an illumination source. The 520 display utilizes 3 front-lit LEDs.

As a result, under certain conditions, a visual artifact (banding) may be observed. This is normal with this technology. The banding is perceived as a darker column on the display.
Banding should not be observable under typical usage, such as recording video. The effect may be further mitigated by:
 • Changing the color mode to dark
 • Increasing brightness of the display
 • Changing viewing angle

Both the RealWear Navigator 500 and RealWear Navigator 520 displays are available so the customer can choose which product is right for them based on cost, use cases, and specific preferences.