RealWear Navigator™ 500/520

RealWear Navigator™ 500 / 520 Firmware Release 1.7

This document provides public notice for RealWear Navigator® 500 series firmware release. This update will provide the new features, further device support, and bug fixes.


RealWear Firmware Release 1.7 for RealWear Navigator 500 Series devices. 

The update includes both bug fixes and enhancements.  This is a one-step upgrade process from our previous release that retains your data. 

Early Access: December 12, 2023

GA: January 10, 2024

Note: Release notes are only a summary of what’s new in this release.


Delivery Data

Item Description
Company Realwear Inc.
Model Number

RealWear Navigator 500 ™ (T21G)

RealWear Navigator 520 ™ (T21G)

Firmware version 1.7
Software Version 1.7.3-54-C.NAV5XX.G

Access RealWear One's latest features.

Keep up to date with the latest in functionality in RealWear One, by staying up to date with your device firmware.

Firmware delivery from 3rd party Mobile Device Management tools (SOTI)

With firmware version 1.7, RealWear Navigator devices will support future firmware updates via SOTI Mobile Control.

Cloud Sync

Updated Cloud sync App for RealWear Navigator devices to allow uploading of photos and video  taken by the 'MY CAMERA' app to your OneDrive account. 

Battery UI and Battery Life

New low battery user interface.

Significant increase to battery life when device idle to sleep. 

Updated lock screen security pin UI screen

The pin entry screen lock screen has been modified to prevent occlusion from the pop up voice commands.


Network Connectivity Checker and Tester

In About Device application, there is now a way to check the device connection status as well as a network connectivity tester.

New Network Test button:

Network Test button in About Device

Realtime connection status:

Network Tester

Language Changes

  • Changed voice commands for French to optimize for loud environments:
    • Global Voice Command: Retoure arrière

    • My Camera exposure: Niveau exposition

    • Keyboard: Accepter

  • Preferred Networks is now fully translated in Settings.

Certification Update

Updated Regulatory Certification for India.

Enabled Horizon Correction

Horizon Correction will be enabled as part of the image stabilization feature when using the camera.

  • When the input image is 4:3, the maximum possible rotation is 25°.

  • When the input image is 16:9, the maximum possible rotation is 8°.


*Dates subject to change