RealWear Navigator™ 500/520

RealWear Navigator™ 500 / 520 Firmware Release 1.5

This document provides public notice for RealWear Navigator® 500 series firmware release. This update will provide the latest security patches, additional features, further device support, and bug fixes.


RealWear Firmware Release 1.5 for RealWear Navigator 500 Series devices. 

The update includes both bug fixes and enhancements.  This is a one-step upgrade process from our previous release that retains your data. 

Early Access: Now available

GA: April 19, 2023

Note: Release notes are only a summary of what’s new in this release.


Delivery Data

Item Description
Company Realwear Inc
Model Number

RealWear Navigator 500 ™ (T21G)

RealWear Navigator 520 ™ (T21G)

Firmware version 1.5
Software Version 1.5.3-45-C.NAV5XX.G

Camera Changes

  • Updated Thermal SDK

  • DMBR (Dynamic Motion Blur reduction) to improve the camera performance
  • Added Emissivity and Gain Control to Thermal Camera (more information below)

Emissivity refers to the ability of an object to emit thermal radiation. In simpler terms, emissivity is a measure of how well an object gives off heat that can be picked up by a thermal camera.  

  • Users can adjust the emissivity based on the surface they are measuring by choosing one of four new emissivity settings: Matte, Semi-Matte, Semi-Glossy, and Glossy.  

Emissivity Setting 

Emissivity Value 









Gain Control is a feature that adjusts the image's brightness to optimize its visibility and clarity. The Gain Control is set to AUTOMATIC by default, but users can adjust the setting to HIGH or LOW to focus on a particular temperature range.  

  • Gain Control allows control of the thermal sensor’s amplification to allow users to select their temperature range and precision. 

Gain Control Setting 

Temperature Range 


-20C to 140C (+/- 5C) 


0C to 400C (+/- 10C) 


-20 to 400C (automatically switches gain setting based on average temperature reading on screen) 

Support for RealWear Cloud Wifi Management

  • Allows devices to receive Wi-Fi settings sent and managed from RealWear Cloud PRO accounts.

Support for RNDIS to enable USB network tethering.

  • Support for RNDIS to enable USB tethering from RNDIS supported cell phones to allow network connectivity to be shared from cell phone to RealWear Navigator 500 series devices.

Language Fixes

  • Multiple Language translation fixes (Polish, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Thai)

  • French language - Speech functionality when using this letter “à” issue is fixed

Change for RealWear Navigator 520 (720p)

  • Fix WearML Small Size on Navigator 520

Improved Microphone Performance

  • Added new audio tuning from Qualcomm which improves the random voice pickup

About Device Application

  • Update the application to display static Wi-Fi MAC address

Android Security Updates

  • Security updates till March 2023 have been incorporated into this release.

Fixed Wi-Fi Certificate issue

  • Fixed issue where some devices would not connect to Wi-Fi access points.

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

  • Bug fixes and improvements have been made for this release. Contact RealWear support for any details on specific fixes or issues.

Android Security Updates

Security updates released through the end of March 2023 have been incorporated into this release.