RealWear Connect

RealWear Connect - Frequently Asked Questions

This article provides a list of some frequently asked questions about RealWear Connect

Q: How is RealWear Connect different than existing solutions?

A: Existing solutions in the RealWear portfolio do not enable you join video support calls instantaneously.   RealWear Connect also allows users to choose their video provider.

Q: What apps does RealWear Connect work with when it is shipped?

A: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and HandsFree for Zoom.

Q: Can I use RealWear Connect with applications other than Microsoft Teams or Zoom?

A: Not at launch. We are reviewing the inclusion of other video providers.

Q: What are the requirements needed to run RealWear Connect?

A: A browser and a RealWear device are needed.

Q: How do I get access to RealWear Connect?

A: Please contact your local authorized representative. 

Q: What languages and dialects does RealWear Connect support?

A: RealWear Connect currently works in the following languages: English (US), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, and German.

We are working on more languages and will update this space as more become available.

Q: Does RealWear Connect work with all RealWear devices?

A: Yes, providing they are on a supported firmware version and supported Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom Apps.

Q: I am an admin. Is there a limit to how many groups can I create?

A: No, there is no limit to how many groups you can create.

Q: How many support members can be in a group?

A: Groups can include 1 to 100 support members.

Q: Can I leverage multiple video solutions using RealWear Connect?

A: RealWear Connect is currently designed to run for one solution deployed per company.


Q: What is the price of RealWear Connect?

A: MSRP on RealWear Connect starts at $420/device/year (Effective price of $35/device/month), paid in advance. For more details on features and pricing, please see the RealWear Connect datasheet.

Q: How do I purchase RealWear Connect?

A: It will be available through approved RealWear resellers using the same process as other products.

Q: When is it available to download?

A: RealWear Connect is slated to launch in general availability on March 20, 2023. It is available for download using RealWear Cloud.

Q: Do I need a pro subscription to RealWear Cloud to use RealWear Connect?

A: No. Basic subscribers of RealWear Cloud can also access RealWear Connect.