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RealWear Beta HMT Apps

A selection of apps designed for the HMT are now available in a Beta version for you to try out on your HMT. Each download contains the .apk (Android Application Package), and installation instruction are found in the Installing APKs article.

If you have any issues, suggestions, or general feedback for these apps, please provide that via the Early Access Feedback page and our development team will review it.

Check this page often as we will be adding more as they are developed.

Available Apps

thermal-camera-1 Thermal Apps

This is a hands-free companion app for RealWear's thermal camera accessory for machine troubleshooting in industrial environment


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body-heat-apk-logo Body Heat

Body heat is an Android app developed by RealWear to aid in pre-screening for elevated body temperature. The app uses relative body temperature and facial detection technology.

Body heat banner

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An application designed to use your HMT with a USB-connected borescope.


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Use speech and motion input to stack blocks and rack up a high score, all while becoming more familiar with your HMT's control.


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