Photo Tagging

Photos that are captured in RealWear’s My Camera application can now quickly and easily be tagged with one or multiple tags. Photo tagging is particularly useful in inspection or audit use cases where organizing and extracting value from many photos and videos is challenging.

Tagset Configuration and Deployment
In order to enable Photo Tagging, a set of pre-defined tags must be configured and deployed by an IT administrator to the RealWear device.

User Experience
Applying Tags to a Photo

1. Open the My Camera application


3. Say “Preview” to preview the photo with RealWear’s Document Viewer

4. Say “MANAGE TAGS” to add tags.

The tags available will be shown. To select a specific tag that’s going to be applied to the photo, you can say the tag name or “SELECT ITEM X”. In the below example the tag “SOLAR” can be selected either by saying “SOLAR” or by saying “SELECT ITEM 5”. Once selected, the tag will be highlighted in a darker gray.

Users can select as many tags as they would like to be applied to a photo. In this example, we’re selecting both the “SOLAR” and “ELECTRICAL” tags.

5. After all tags have been selected, the user can apply the tags by saying “APPLY TAGS”
After tags have been applied, the user will be taken back to the Photo shown in RealWear’s Document Viewer. The tags are also persistent with the photos even after the photos are moved off the RealWear device.

Managing Tagged Photos in My Files
Tagged photos are indicated by the tag icon in the top right of the photo thumbnail just below the speech bubble number. Tagged Photos can be filtered by one or multiple tags at the same time.

Filtering Tagged Photos by Tag


2. To select one of multiple tags to filter by, users can say the tag name or “SELECT ITEM X”. In the below example we can select the SOLAR and ELECTRICAL tags by saying “SOLAR” or “SELECT ITEM 5” and “ELECTRICAL” or “SELECT ITEM 1”.

3. To filter by the selected tags, say “APPLY FILTER”. The Filter can be cleared at any time by saying “CLEAR FILTER”.

Known Issues and Limitations
Release Issue
11.1 Unable to set Tags for non JPG format images files