Interacting with Your Device


Notifications are actionable messages sent from the operating system and applications. To access notifications, say "SHOW NOTIFICATIONS". The Notifications panel will display above the current screen. To close the Notifications panel, say "HIDE NOTIFICATIONS". Recent notifications are presented as items in a list.


Each notification in the list will include the following:

  • Item number
  • Notification details
  • Notification source
  • Notification title/headline

You can open a notification by first selecting it, say "SELECT ITEM #". When selected, say "OPEN" to view. When a notification is opened, a more detailed view is displayed. From this view, specific actions can be taken. As a reminder and quick reference - when on the RealWear Navigator Home Screen, the number of notifications will be displayed in the top left corner.

Notifications Voice Commands
Voice Command Action
"SELECT ITEM #" View a specific notification.
"SHOW NOTIFICATIONS" Opens the list of notifications.