My Files

My Documents Folder

The My Documents folder contains PDF and image files stored on RealWear Navigator.

Say “MY DOCUMENTS” to open the My Documents folder. Say “SELECT ITEM #” to select a file.


Document Viewer

Open PDF files and image files using document viewer with hands-free control. If you select a PDF or image file from My Documents or My Photos, it is opened with Document Viewer.

Open a file by using the "SELECT ITEM #" command or by saying the name of the document without the file extension.


Document Viewer Voice Commands
Voice Command Action


Scrolls to the specified page.


Displays the bookmarks saved in the device for the open document.


Scrolls to the next page.


Scrolls to the previous page


Displays extra commands.


Switches to the next document.


Switches to the previous document.

Zooming and Panning

To zoom in say "ZOOM LEVEL #", selecting a level from 1 to 5. When a document is zoomed in at any level past level 1, you can move your head to view different areas of the document.

A small thumbnail will appear in the upper left part of the screen with a purple rectangle representing the current view.

If you want to lock the location of the document, say, "FREEZE WINDOW". You can then move your head while the view is frozen.

To return to panning say, "CONTROL WINDOW". Even when frozen, the view can be zoomed in or out. To return a zoomed in window to the exact center say, "RESET WINDOW".


Zooming and Panning Voice Commands
Voice Command Action


Unfreezes the document and enables document scrolling in response to head gestures.


Prevents the document from scrolling in response to head gestures.


Moves the zoomed in window to the center of the full size document.

“ZOOM LEVEL [1 to 5]”

Zooms the document view size by setting the level to specific value.