MAC Address Randomization - Navigator-500

MAC Address Randomization is turned on by default on all Android devices on v10+. Whilst MAC Address Randomization is a great security feature it doesn't work in all environments. Here we explain what it is and how to disable it if you need to.

This article only applies to the RealWear Navigator-500.

Android Devices running the Android 10 operating system or higher have a feature that randomizes MAC address for different WiFi connections. This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled for specific WiFi networks. MAC randomization helps ensure the privacy of your mobile device by concealing the original MAC address, making it significantly harder to track a device based on its MAC address. However this often doesn't work in enterprise environments where companies may use MAC address validation on their corporate WiFi networks. In these cases the MAC Address randomization needs to be turned off.

To do this you can follow the steps below. The setting to turn off MAC randomization is not global and needs to be done per wireless network. It can be done at the time of connection or after the connection has been made. We detail both methods below

Disabling MAC Randomization on WiFi connection

My Programs > Settings > Network and Internet > Wireless Networks > Choose a network
On the password screen say 'Cancel Edit'
Now say 'Advanced Options' or 'Select Item 3'
Under 'Privacy' (Item5) change the option to 'Use device MAC'
Now return to entering the WiFi password. Choose Accept and your device will connect to the WiFi network using the device MAC address.

Here's a quick video guide on this method

Disabling MAC Randomization on a network you're already connected to

My Programs > Settings > Network and Internet > Wireless Networks > Choose whichever network is in Item 3. This is the network you're currently connected to.
Say 'page down' until you see 'advanced' > Scroll down until you see Privacy.

Choose this and set the option to use the Device Mac Address.

That's it, you're all done.