RealWear Cloud

Kiosk Mode - PRO feature

Kiosk Mode allows you to determine how a specific application is launched.

Available to HMT-1, HMT-1Z1 devices on version 12+ and all RealWear Navigator Series

Using Kiosk Mode, you can choose from one of the four default applications or enter your own custom app. You can enable Kiosk Mode by device or by group of devices.

Access Kiosk Mode through the Home Screen configurator

Devices > Home Screen config button

Groups > Choose Group > Home Screen config button


Custom Package Name

Here you can enter in the custom package name

Kiosk Mode 

Launch App Once on Device Boot - This is great for scenarios with end users who need to quickly get into an application as soon as they turn on their RealWear device, they're still able to Navigate home and use the full functionality of the device. But it will automatically launch once on device boot up .

Always Launch App - This allows you to use your device in the custom application you've set. This means if you try to navigate out of the application, you'll still be brought to the same place. This is great for scenarios for RealWear users who are only using their device for one app.

After you've made your selections choose Save Entry and Save. Your device should update within two minutes if it is connected to the internet.

Once the device has updated, it should launch into Kiosk Mode.

If you ever need to make a change to the Home Screen or Kiosk Mode, you can enter back into the configurator and hit Reset. This will reset your device home screen back to the default settings.