Installing APKs

Using RealWear Explorer

Installing APKs on the HMT is made simple by using our developer tool, RealWear Explorer.

RealWear Explorer can be used to easily install an application on the HMT by simply dragging the compiled APK onto the drag and drop area:


Drag and drop area

When an APK is dropped into the drag and drop area RealWear Explorer will automatically take care of the installation process.

Once the application has been installed the application can be found in the application draw.

For more information and downloads

RealWear Explorer

Alternative methods

Since the HMT is a standard Android device there is no requirement to use RealWear Explorer. You can install APKs using any method you may already have in your process.

It is possible to install apps using ADB or you can deploy right from your IDE just as if you were working on a phone.