Using the HMT

Inserting a MicroSD Card

You can insert a MicroSD card into the specified slot and store media files and documents.

1 MicroSD card slot door

Covers the MicroSD card slot. Open this door to insert/remove the micro SD card.

2 Screw to open MicroSD card slot

Holds the MicroSD card slot door. Unscrew to open the door using a Philips #00 screwdriver.

How to insert a MicroSD card:

1. Unscrew the MicroSD card slot door and pull the edges to open.

2. Open the MicroSD card slot door and hold open with your thumb.

3. Unlock the metal compartment and swing out to open.

4. Insert the MicroSD card into compartment as shown below.

5. Close the compartment and slide compartment left to lock in place.

6. Close the MicroSD card slot door.

7. Re-insert the screw and tighten to secure.

See the article “Setting Up MicroSD Card” for instructions on how to format/configure your new storage.