HMT-1Z1® Ownership

i.Safe Safety Instructions


Safety Instructions HMT-1Z1 model T1100S


This chapter contains information and safety regulations which are to be observed without fail for safe operation of the device under the described conditions. Non-observance of this information and instructions can have serious consequences and / or may violate regulations.

Please read the manual and these safety instructions before using the device. In case of any doubt (in form of translation or printing errors), the English version shall apply.



The HMT-1Z1 model T1100S is approved for use in zone 1, zone 2, zone 21 and zone 22 in accordance with directives 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and the IECEx System.


The HMT-1Z1 model T1100S is approved for use in Division 1 and 2 Class I, II, III.


i. Safe MOBILE GmbH i_Park Tauberfranken 10

97922 Lauda-Koenigshofen; Germany

Faults and Damages

Before entering ex-hazardous areas, the safety of the device must be checked.

If there is any reason to suspect that the safety of the device has been compromised, it must be withdrawn from use and removed from any ex- hazardous areas immediately.

Measures must be taken to prevent any accidental restarting of the device. The safety of the device may be compromised, if, for example:

  • Malfunctions occur
  • The housing of the device shows damage
  • The device has been exposed to excessive loads
  • The device has been stored improperly
  • Markings or labels on the device are illegible
  • Permitted limit values have been exceeded

We recommend that a device displaying errors or which an error is suspected be sent back to authorized service center to be checked.

Ex-relevant Safety Regulations

  • Use of this device assumes that the operator observes the conventional safety regulations and has read and understood manual, safety instructions and certificate.
  • Inside ex-hazardous areas the covers of all interfaces must be closed
  • Exception is the audio jack cover. The audio jack can be used for approved headsets also inside ex-hazardous areas
  • To ensure the IP-protection, it has to be ensured that all gaskets are present and functional
  • Physical connections to other equipment are only allowed outside ex-hazardous areas using the PROTECTOR 1.0 USB-cable or other equipment approved by MOBILE GmbH
  • During charging any headset or accessory must be unplugged from the audio jack
  • The device may only be charged outside ex-hazardous areas using the PROTECTOR 1.0 USB-cable or other equipment approved by MOBILE GmbH
  • The device may only be charged at temperatures between 5°C … 40°C
  • The battery is not removable by the user
  • The device may not be exposed to any aggressive acids or alkalis
  • The device may not be taken into zones 0 or 20
  • The device must be protected from impacts with high impact energy, against excessive UV light emission and high electrostatic charge processes
  • The permitted ambient temperature range is -20°C to +60°C
  • Only accessories approved by MOBILE GmbH may be used
  • It is not allowed to do the adjustment of the head strap in ex-hazardous areas