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How do I remove / replace the camera module on my RealWear Navigator™ 500?

With the launch of our new Thermal Camera, here's a handy guide on now to remove and replace the the camera Module on the Navigator 500.

We recommend moving to a clean environment before removing and replacing the camera.
  1. Turn off the RealWear Navigator 500.
  2. Pull back and lift the securing clip on the camera module.
  3. The camera module detaches from the main body of the device.
  4. Seat the new camera module so the contacts line up.
  5. Push down the securing clip to securely attach the module to the device.
  6. Turn on your Navigator 500
  7. The new camera module maintains the ruggedness and IP66 rating so you can keep using your device in dusty or damp environments.

We've created a video to demonstrate this.