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HMT Software Release Notes Archive - HMT-1

Release 10.2.0

1. Release Overview

This Release Notes document is for the RealWear HMT-1 firmware release 10.2.0, a quarterly security patch release with additional feature updates.

The release is only applicable to the HMT-1 standard model. Any HMT-1 ever sold by RealWear may update to this release (although earlier updates may need to be installed before 10.2.0 can be installed). To update to version 10.2.0 the HMT must be on version 10.0.0-15-C.HMT-1.G.

1.1 Deliverables

Delivery Data
Company RealWear Inc.
Model Number HMT-1 (T1100G)
Firmware Version 10.2.0
Build File Name 10.2.0-5-C.HMT-1.G

2 Release Notes

2.1 New Features

2.1.1 Updated Voice Keyboard Enables ABC Mode

The HMT end user may now call out independent letters in “ABC” mode. In the keyboard, say “ABC” to activate this mode then say “Letter C A T” to spell “cat”. Users may continue to use the present mode of saying the NATO code-word for each letter.

2.1.2 End-User Action Button Control Mapping / Noise Capture Mode

As of Release 10.2.0, RealWear is permitting limited use of action button functionality by users (previously developers had some control over action button functionality). Available on the My Controls list is an “Action Button” mapping selection. The current default behavior – return to the Home Screen – will still be available, but a new mapping is available called Noise Capture.

Setting the Action Button to Noise Capture mode enables the HMT end user to toggle noise cancellation by depressing Action Button. When an end user enables Noise Capture, all ambient noise captured by HMT microphones is fed into the primary sound input channel for any application so that audio is captured; for example, machinery sounds, a nearby person’s speech, or environmental sounds are accurately represented and/or recorded.

2.2 General Changes

2.2.1 Remove Snap from List Controls

As part of the continual tuning of the user experience, this version includes changes in how list controls such as My Controls and My Camera’s More Options behave. The scrolling motion is now continuous and smooth instead of snapping into a partial lock on the in-focus selection.

2.3 Translation Changes

2.3.1 Various Translation Updates

Improvements have been made in Polish, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, German, and Japanese. Details are listed in an appendix below.

2.4 Security Changes

2.4.1 Android Security Updates

Security updates released through the end of March 2019 are incorporated into this release. See the full list of updates in the appendix below.

2.4.2 Encryption and PIN Unlock Screen

When an HMT has had full-device encryption activated and is PIN protected, a special PIN unlock screen appears when powered on. This screen contains all ten possible numerals with code words randomly assigned to each numeral.

The secure scroll keyboard continues to be used for simple screen unlocking.

2.5 Configuration Changes

2.5.1 Modification of the Home Screen and Lock Screen Backgrounds

Previously, the home screen and lock screen backgrounds were locked on all HMTs. With this release, an organization may change either background on any fully branded RealWear device. Note: Co-branded devices may not have this capability unlocked.

2.5.2 Home Screen App Configuration

The default view of the Home Screen (My Programs, My Camera, and My Files) may be modified. Up to five apps may be placed in any order on the home screen.

2.5.3 Storage Locations for Camera Photos and Videos

The location for storing photos and videos recorded by the HMT camera may be modified via configuration settings.

2.5.4 Configure the Visible Folders at the Top Level of My Files

The HMT may be configured to show any specified folder in the user data partition. The traditional folders, “My Media”, “My Photos”, and “My Documents” may be retained or replaced in the folder list. A custom folder icon may be included with the configuration.

2.5.5 Allowlist / Blocklist Items in My Programs

A hardware support professional may determine what apps appear in the My Programs page either by creating a allowlist or blocklist. All programs that are shown on the My Programs screen by default will continue to appear except for the items placed in the blocklist.

2.5.6 Allowlist / Blocklist Items in My Controls

A hardware support professional may determine what control items appear in the My Controls list either by creating an allowlist or a blocklist. The list will retain all default controls except for the items placed in the blocklist.

2.5.7 Control Item for Launching My Programs

A control to navigate to the My Programs page may be added to the My Controls allowlist in the case when the My Programs icon has been removed from the Home Screen. This control is not available by default.

2.5.8 Language String Override

Any string in the HMT-1 operating system or RealWear core applications may be modified, thereby allowing customization of existing commands with any desired label. In many cases, organizations may prefer different translations of commands. This ability can be used on any currently supported language, including English. For a list of supported languages, please refer to the RealWear Knowledge Center at

2.5.9 Language Selector List Configuration

The HMT-1 ships with 12 languages that may be selected in real time. However, to make language changes easier and faster, HMTs may be configured to show only a subset of the languages and may be set in any desired order.

2.5.10 Maximum Volume Level Setting

The maximum volume of both the speaker and audio port may be reduced via configuration settings.

2.6 Developer Changes

2.6.1 Added Support for File Providers in Camera Applet

It is now possible to pass a file provider to the camera applet to specify the file to use when capturing images and videos. The previous method of passing a URI to a file is not supported past Android SDK 24.

To support developers, an update has been made to the developer sample app to show how to capture video.

2.7 Bug Fixes

A full list of resolved bugs is in Appendix 3 of this document.

2.8 Major Known Issues

• [SUP-263] HPE VRG: ‘Play chat sound’ option cannot be controlled via voice command.

• [SUP-264] In some applications, when the keyboard is opened, it will lose focus if there is a pop-up such as notifications on the screen.
 – A workaround is to show and then hide notifications.

3 Software Update Method

Please follow the instructions provided for updating in the Wireless Update article.

Appendix 1: Security Patch List

Android Security Bulletin — January 2019


CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2018-9582 A-112031362 Included


CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2018-9583 A-112860487 Included
CVE-2018-9584 A-114047681 Included
CVE-2018-9585 A-117554809 Included
CVE-2018-9586 A-116754444 Included
CVE-2018-9587 A-113597344 Included
CVE-2018-9588 A-111450156 Included
CVE-2018-9589 A-111893132 Included
CVE-2018-9590 A-115900043 Included
CVE-2018-9591 A-116108738 Included
CVE-2018-9592 A-116319076 Included
CVE-2018-9593 A-116722267 Included
CVE-2018-9594 A-116791157 Included

Kernel components

CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2018-10876 A-116406122
Upstream kernel
CVE-2018-10880 A-116406509
Upstream kernel
N/A to RealWear kernel version
CVE-2018-10882 A-116406626
Upstream kernel
CVE-2018-13405 A-113452403
Upstream kernel
CVE-2018-18281 A-118836219
Upstream kernel
N/A to RealWear kernel version
CVE-2018-17182 A-117280327
Upstream kernel
CVE-2018-10877 A-116406625
Upstream kernel

Qualcomm components

CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2018-11962 A-117118292
CVE-2018-12014 A-117118062
CVE-2018-13889 A-117118677

Qualcomm closed-source components

CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2018-11847 A-111092812* Included
CVE-2018-11888 A-111093241* N/A to RealWear kernel version
CVE-2018-13888 A-117119136* N/A to RealWear kernel version

Android Security Bulletin — February 2019


CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2019-1986 A-117838472 [2] N/A to Android 8.1
CVE-2019-1987 A-118143775 [2] Included
CVE-2019-1988 A-118372692 Included


CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2017-17760 A-78029030* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-5268 A-78029634* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-5269 A-78029727* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2017-18009 A-78026242* N/A to RealWear Android baseline


CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2019-1991 A-110166268 Included
CVE-2019-1992 A-116222069 Included
CVE-2019-1993 A-119819889 Included
CVE-2019-1994 A-117770924 Included
CVE-2019-1995 A-32589229 [2] Included
CVE-2019-1996 A-111451066 Included
CVE-2019-1997 A-117508900 Included
CVE-2019-1998 A-116055338 [2] N/A to Android 8.1

Kernel components

CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2018-10879 A-116406063
Upstream kernel
N/A to RealWear kernel version
CVE-2019-1999 A-120025196* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2019-2000 A-120025789* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2019-2001 A-117422211* N/A to RealWear Android baseline

Qualcomm components

CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2018-11262 A-76424945
N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-11280 A-109741776
N/A to RealWear kernel version
CVE-2018-11275 A-74409078
QC-CR#2221256 [2]
N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-13900 A-119052051
CVE-2018-13905 A-119052050
N/A to RealWear kernel version

Qualcomm closed-source components

CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2018-11289 A-109678453* Included
CVE-2018-11820 A-111089815* N/A to RealWear kernel version
CVE-2018-11938 A-112279482* Included
CVE-2018-11945 A-112278875* Included
CVE-2018-11268 A-109678259* Included
CVE-2018-11845 A-111088838* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-11864 A-111092944* Included
CVE-2018-11921 A-112278972* Included
CVE-2018-11931 A-112279521* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-11932 A-112279426* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-11935 A-112279483* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-11948 A-112279144* Included
CVE-2018-5839 A-112279544* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-13904 A-119050566* N/A to RealWear Android baseline

Android Security Bulletin — March 2019


CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2018-20346 A-121156452 Included
CVE-2019-1985 A-118694079* N/A to Android 8.1
CVE-2019-2003 A-116321860 Included
CVE-2019-2004 A-115739809 Included
CVE-2019-2005 A-68777217 Included

Media framework

CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2019-1989 A-118399205 Included
CVE-2019-1990 A-118453553 Included
CVE-2019-2006 A-116665972 N/A to Android 8.1
CVE-2019-2007 A-120789744 [2] Included
CVE-2019-2008 A-122309228 Included


CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2019-2009 A-120665616 Included
CVE-2019-2010 A-118152591 N/A to Qualcomm chipset
CVE-2019-2011 A-120084106 [2] Included
CVE-2019-2012 A-120497437 Included
CVE-2019-2013 A-120497583 Included
CVE-2019-2014 A-120499324 Included
CVE-2019-2015 A-120503926 Included
CVE-2019-2016 A-120664978 Included
CVE-2019-2017 A-121035711 Included
CVE-2019-2018 A-110172241 [2] Included
CVE-2018-9561 A-111660010 [2] Included
CVE-2018-9563 A-114237888 [2] Included
CVE-2018-9564 A-114238578 [2] Included
CVE-2019-2019 A-115635871 Included
CVE-2019-2020 A-116788646 Included
CVE-2019-2021 A-120428041 Included
CVE-2019-2022 A-120506143 Included


CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2019-2023 A-121035042 [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Included

Kernel components

CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2018-10883 A-117311198
Upstream kernel [2]
CVE-2019-2024 A-111761954
Upstream kernel
CVE-2019-2025 A-116855682
Upstream kernel

Qualcomm components

CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2017-8252 A-112277630
CVE-2017-8252 A-114041175
CVE-2018-11817 A-114041192
N/A to RealWear kernel version
CVE-2018-11817 A-114041747
N/A to RealWear kernel version
CVE-2018-13899 A-119053086
QC-CR#2295915 [2]
N/A to RealWear kernel version
CVE-2018-13917 A-120487091

Qualcomm closed-source components

CVE References RealWear Update
CVE-2017-8252 A-79419898* Included
CVE-2017-8252 A-79420414* Included
CVE-2017-8252 A-112279542* Included
CVE-2018-11958 A-114042786* Included
CVE-2018-11966 A-114042484* Included
CVE-2018-11970 A-114042111* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-11971 A-114042829* N/A to RealWear Android baseline
CVE-2018-13918 A-120486115* N/A to RealWear Android baseline

Appendix 2: Translation Changes

In brackets is a system reference number that the RealWear technical team uses to refer to each issue.

• [HMT-2239] Translation suggestions for Polish language after first testing of V10 Early Access

• [HMT-2347] [JP Translation] My Controls Set Level for Volume/Brightness commands differ from what is shown

• [HMT-2349] [JP Translation] Numbers screen on keyboard are an erroneous mix of Japanese and English

• [HMT-2446] [Spanish (US) Language Translation] Various problems with Spanish translations

• [HMT-2456] [Language-Chinese] Incorrect translations for “Video Forward” and “Audio Forward”

• [HMT-2458] [Language-Polish] Wrong translations for “Zoom Level”, “Delete”, and “Confirm”

• [HMT-2499] [Language-ZH] ‘Slave’ string in Chinese is mistranslated

• [HMT-2508] [Language-TH] Audio Forward Voice Command Mistranslated

• [HMT- 2511] [Language-DE] German Voice Commands for SECURE ENTRY and NORMAL ENTRY could be improved

• [HMT-2523] [JP Translation] Various issues with translation

• [HMT-2594] [Language-Russian] Native Speaker Translation Corrections

• [HMT-2596] [Language-Italian] Native Speaker Translation Corrections

Appendix 3: Full Bug Fix List

The list below indicates the issues fixed in this release.  In brackets is a system reference number that the RealWear technical team uses to refer to each issue.

• [HMT-1508] Mute Microphone – Microphones are not muted after resuming from sleep.

• [HMT-1841] Badge selection doesn’t work for toggle button under settings.

• [HMT-1997] Home screen year is truncated to last 2 digits. Updated to display 4 digits.

• [HMT-2199] MyCamera Photo Preview Animation leading to delayed or missed speech commands.

• [HMT-2205] Document Viewer crashes upon opening content URI provided by File Provider – FIXED. One symptom of this bug was that an error would appear when opening some .pdf files, “Password protected PDFs not supported” even though the file was not password protected.

• [HMT- 2211] Toast (pop-up notifications) interferes with Custom Voice Commands in firmware upgrade 10.0.0-08-C.HMT-1.G.

• [HMT-2302] Passing URI to My Camera via intent causes application crash.

• [HMT-2303] Menu Items in standard Android overflow menus do not get recognized automatically.

• [HMT-2304] Unable to open no password protected PDF file in HMT, says “Password protected PDFs not supported”.

• [HMT-2305] [Language Korean] Voice command for Zoom level in Camera or configuration app is not working.

• [HMT-2306] [Language Korean] Voice command for select item is not working.

• [HMT-2307] [Language Korean] Voice command for Set level in Brightness or Volume does not work in Korean Language.

• [HMT-2351] In Japanese keyboard, ‘Scan Code’ screen causes WearHF crash/ unresponsive voice commands.

• [HMT-2359] Custom Commands and BNF tree refresh issue. Custom commands that worked before the microphone auto-muted must continue to work after the auto-mute is restored.

• [HMT-2395] [Language-Spanish] Set Level Voice command is not recognized.

• [HMT-2449] Incorrect error message when using file provider when capturing video. Camera app shows a message saying file providers aren’t supported … or … If is implemented, camera app records to the file in the file provider.

• [HMT-2478] With Wearhf 2.0.20-23 : show help does not work on many 3rd party apps.

• [HMT-2481] Too many accessibility events triggered in logs when we launch and scroll through PIN Unlock screen.

• [HMT-2482] Homescreen Background – When deleting the homescreen_background.json file, the file used for the background is incorrect and overlaps the time.

• [HMT-2509] ABC Mode – When switching to ABC mode the command pop-up is wrong.

• [HMT-2513] ABC Mode – Symbols section does not preface the symbols with “SYMBOL…”.

• [HMT-2515] Videos captured by Intent show wrong filename when saved.

• [HMT-2516] Listcontrol moves too much left and right.

• [HMT-2520] [Wi-Fi] In Password entry screen, ABC mode is set by default and VC to enter characters doesn’t work.

• [HMT-2529] Keyboard – Japanese Language – Letters – Only 3 Japanese letters are displayed.

• [HMT-2537] Images captured by Camera applet options are not accessible in My files, unable to open and view the images.

• [HMT-2538] Crash is observed in logs when we take photo from Camera applet option in Developer Test apk.

• [HMT-2564] Badge Number and select item 1..# option is not displayed in My Files.

• [HMT- 2566] “My Documents” “My Media” & “My Photos” are not translated as per the HMT language set and voice commands fail to open.

• [SUP-20] When Recording Video to storage capacity, device becomes unusable.


Release 10.0.0

1. Release Overview

This Release Notes document is for the RealWear HMT-1 firmware release 10.0.0. The release is only applicable to the HMT-1 standard model.

Any HMT-1 ever sold by RealWear may update to this release.

1.1 Deliverables

Delivery Data
Company RealWear Inc.
Model Number HMT-1 (T1100G)
Firmware Version 10.0.0
Build File Name 10.0.0-15-C.HMT-1.G

2 Release Notes

2.1 Operating system upgrade to Android Version 8.1.0

Android Version
The HMT Operating system has been upgraded from Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) to a smarter, faster and more powerful version Android 8.1.0 (Oreo).

The API version is 27.

Security Patch Level
10.0.0 includes all security patches release to Android as of the end of December, 2018.

2.2 New Features in Maintenance Release

For a full overview of HMT-1 features in this release, refer to the updated Release 10 User Guide at

Application Changes
In addition to an upgraded Android operating system, the HMT-1 user interface has been enhanced.

Camera System
• Includes a fully re-designed UI in My Camera and device-level settings in My Controls.

• Enhanced manual focus, enables focus and exposure lock on one of nine screen regions

• Manual Exposure Control of five levels of exposure

• Flash Settings – manual flash, auto-flash, and off

• Preview Link – enables immediate preview of photo or video with immediate delete if desired.

• More Options – Redesigned list control with setting controls for Field of View (FOV), Resolution, Video Frames Per Second (FPS), Flash, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), Low Light Video (LLV), and Low Light Photo (LLP)

File Explorer

• Folder support enables multiple levels of folders for storing and retrieving enterprise files.

• File browsing more intuitive and allows for long file names to be read and launched via voice.

• Pagination capability to allow many multiple pages of files.

• Sort option to sort by date/time and name..

Document Viewer:

• Re-designed UI: Zoom scale increased and optimized

Configuration App:

Updated to provide more guidance to user on how to access QR code creators on web browsers or RealWear’s mobile Companion App

• Barcode Reader: UI updated

• Media Player: UI updated and more play commands added

User Interface Changes

Speech Keyboard: New keyboard system uses head-panning to more quickly learn keyboard commands
• Loads in a partial screen to more closely operate like existing Android systems
• Secure entry option for password fields
• English only

Theming Support:
• The user may change between dark and light modes for day/night user or individual user preference.
• Product ships in Dark Mode by default.

Home screen: Revised layout including configuration options changing application launch icons.

Status Bar: The status bar is now visible on all RealWear screens including the Home Page, My Programs Page, and all RealWear software.
• Lock Screen: The Lock Screen allows notifications to show and automatically loads the secure keyboard when PIN entry is required.

My Controls: Using a brand-new list control, My Controls will enable expansion and customization of the control list.
• New pop up My Controls window with head-tracked scrolling
• Power Manager accessible through My Controls at any time, from any app screen
• New Theme Setting
• Volume, Brightness, Auto-Mute, WIFI, BT, Mouse, Auto-Rotate, Flashlight, Dictation Local

Language: Thai & Polish languages added.

3 Software Update Method

This Firmware Over-the-Air (OTA) update is available for HMT-1s running software version HMT-1.G.2-6.0.1-09.05-C (i.e. 9.05).

All applications and user data will be preserved through the update process. However, whenever updating firmware we suggest to always make a backup first of your personal files including photos, images, and documents” before proceeding.

If the HMT-1 is a lower version (8.09 or 7.0x), upgrade to the next highest version until at 9.05, then upgrade to 10.0.0.

3.1 Manual Update

1. Ensure the HMT-1 is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Do not move out of the Wi-Fi network while download in progress.

2. Ensure the HMT-1’s battery is charged to at least 30% (50% recommended).

3. If the HMT-1 device is connected to a computer, disconnect before updating.

4. Go to “My Programs” →“Wireless Update” →“Check for updates”

5. Download the Firmware OTA package

6. The screen will show progress as it downloads the install package:

7. When the download has completed (signified by showing 100% progress), say “Install Now” to install the update immediately.

8. “Install Later” will prompt you for a schedule to update in the future.

9. The device will enter into upgrade mode ending with an automatic reboot. When it restarts, the device will be fully updated.

Release 9.05

New features

• Enhanced microphone tuning for noise cancellation

RealWear typically tunes microphones before each firmware release based upon feedback from customers and partners. Both front and side microphones have been tuned.

• New Firmware Over-the-Air (OTA) client and server

RealWear Firmware OTA solution is now hosted on Amazon Web Services in the United States under RealWear’s direct control. This move provides enhanced security, flexibility and responsiveness.

• Volume & Brightness levels

Brightness control has changed from 5 levels to 10 levels for improved brightness control and in anticipation of a future increases in brightness levels in hardware.

In response to customer feedback for improved sound control, volume control has changed from 5 levels to 10 levels.

• Integration of Android security patches

The following Google Android security patches have been integrated into the operating system. RealWear has implemented selected patches available for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset based on availability from Qualcomm and an assessment of severity and applicability to non-smartphone, non-Google Play Store devices.

  1. CVE-2017-0475
  2. CVE-2017-0637
  3. CVE-2017-0592
  4. CVE-2017-0591
  5. CVE-2017-0590
  6. CVE-2017-0589
  7. CVE-2017-0588
  8. CVE-2017-0587
  9. CVE-2017-0543
  10. CVE-2017-0542
  11. CVE-2017-0541
  12. CVE-2017-0540
  13. CVE-2017-0539
  14. CVE-2017-0538
  15. CVE-2017-0473
  16. CVE-2017-0472
  17. CVE-2017-0471
  18. CVE-2017-0470
  19. CVE-2017-0469
  20. CVE-2017-0468
  21. CVE-2017-0467
  22. CVE-2017-0466
  23. CVE-2017-0407
  24. CVE-2017-0406


Camera initialization causes crash or black screen behavior with certain 3rd party applications.
• Improvements to camera fixes various crash or unresponsive scenarios.

Opening files using voice commands does not work if the file extension is in uppercase.
• Filenames with uppercase text may now be opened via voice command if pronounceable.

Failed to open image or document using “Select Item n” voice command.
• Under certain conditions, could not open files with the show help number tags. The issue has been resolved; files can now be opened using the tag number.

Device sleep timer is not reset after a voice command is recognized.
• Sleep timer now always reset after any accepted voice command.

Device powers on when USB wall charger is removed during shut down process
• Device will now no longer power on when charger removed during shutdown.

Volume level control does not work when playing WEBM files.
• Volume controls now work identically compared to all other video formats.

Release 8.09

New features

• Improved Speech Engine

The speech engine has been improved to allow for greater accuracy of speech command recognition, as well as decreased time between vocalized commands allowing you to speak commands more rapidly.

• Dual Bluetooth Modes

Enhanced settings now allow you to toggle between both of the standard Bluetooth modes. Allowing the HMT-1 to act as a Bluetooth master or slave device.

• Portable SD Card Storage

The SD card is now configured for portable use, allowing you to easily transfer photos and videos taken on the HMT-1 to a separate computer or other HMT-1.

• Local Dictation Support

Dictation has been localized to the device for the English, Chinese and German languages, meaning for these languages a Wi-Fi connection is no longer required for speech-to-text functionality.

• Auto-Mute Enabled

The auto-mute function has been made available by default.

• Rear Microphones

In situations in which you have the display pointed away from your field of view you can still communicate via the newly enabled rear microphones.

• Power Manager

It is now possible to sleep, power off and reboot the device hands-free, making easier to power cycle during situations in which the use of your hands is critical.

You can now preform a hot-swap of the HMT-1 battery, maintaining the state of all the open applications without the need for a full power cycle.


• When dictation is used, sometimes the app crashes

• While using certain applications, using specific voice commands launch the highlighted tab instead of just selecting them, as intended by the app

• Devices running 07.03 show excessive logging in logcat

• Certain applications using WebRTC noticed audio connection failure during video call Update – information. Fix is changed from HMT-1.G.0-6.0.1XX.XX-T to 6.01

• Support for React JS Scripting language

Release 6.0

New features

• Disk Full Notification

• Dictation Intent Mechanism

• File Browser Modifications

• Virtual Keyboard Redesigns


• When switching from one sub folder to another for the first time, the voice commands are still valid for the previous folder

• Need to display correct serial number

• Edit mode – confirm deletion of files voice command needs to be changed

• Edit mode – after deleting files, delete select still shows

• Edit mode – when saying edit mode or cancelling, it centres the list again

• Edit mode – when in edit mode and navigating home, going back into my files cancels edit

• Edit mode – confirmation needs redesigning

• Edit mode – if the file names are the same but have different extensions select item will pick the first

• Command override from intent doesn’t return through broadcast

• Com.realwear.wearhf.intent.acttion.RESTORE_COMMANDS doesn’t restore command after a command override

• Broken translation for %d

• If the app isn’t in focus, when you say select item # it doesn’t open it – however it does if it is in focus

• Can say symbols without having to say “symbol” when it is in the list shown on the main screen

• Symbols with two words don’t show but command is recognized

• When all symbol names are too long, some of the text ends up getting cut off

• Recording freezes after 30 and 40 minutes

• When changing languages sometimes you are unable to scroll through selector

• WearML isn’t working on the first screen you go to on skype

• In my programs the number overlay will display in the top left corner

• After booting, apps take 5 seconds to load

• Barcode intent

• Dication field

• When setting up the pin, next is not recognised (any number pad)

Release 5.0


• Serial number displays correctly in the about screen

• Voice commands switch correctly between sub folders in File Browser

• Video records as normal and doesn’t stop at 32 minutes