RealWear HMT-1®

HMT-1 Battery Multi-Charger


You can charge up to six spare batteries simultaneously using the Multi-charger.

  • Warning: DO NOT charge batteries with third-party chargers.
  • Power the charger using ONLY the RealWear charging cable included with the Battery charger.
  • Carefully follow the battery installation instructions to avoid damaging your batteries and charger.

Video Walkthrough



  1. Align the battery contacts with the charger contacts, with the contacts facing down.
  2. Insert the battery, contact side first, into the charging compartment. Do not push the rear down first.
  3. Once the charging contacts are seated properly, press down gently on the rear to secure.
  4. A light will appear next to the battery contact when it is connected, and the display will read the current charge levels of each battery.

HMT-1 Multi-Battery Charging

RealWear recommends removing batteries when possible after charging is complete to ensure the optimal life of batteries and charger.