RealWear Cloud

Fort RealWear (the tool)

Fort RealWear is a secure feature for RealWear Cloud Pro which will lock down your device for security enterprise environments

Note: Fort RealWear can only be activated on device first-boot.


  • Restrict ADB Debugging Features (Disables ADB)

  • Disable USB File Transfer

  • Block External SD Cards from being used

  • Prevent users from changing Wireless Network Settings

How to use

  1. Go to the Fort RealWear page by clicking here or by clicking Utilities and Fort RealWear in the navigation menu inside RealWear Cloud.
  2. Generate an onboarding QR code
  3. Input your Wireless Credentials (SSID and Password)
  4. HMT-1: On first-boot, scan the QR code
    Navigator-500: Press the action button during the startup video, scan the QR code
  5. Follow the prompts to enable Fort RealWear